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Marigold Odyssey
DAY 1We landed in Bali from Singapore in the morning where we had our stay pre-booked at an airbnb in a village called Sayan of the Gianyar district. I would advice anyone going for a short duration to pre-book the stay. It become comfortable from thereon.On the way, we went to taste the Luwak Coffee. It is made of coffee beans processed through Luwak animal poop and is very expensive (expensive sh*t, literally :P). It is so good in taste that if you are visiting Bali, this should be on your high priority. Our stay was lovely, as usual airbnb never disappoints. After settling down our luggage followed by a welcome drink, we decided to explore the near about right away. Our location was a bit remote, very noncommercial just as one would expect a village to be. All around you could see the rice paddy fields with thin trails to walk.To refresh ourselves and charge up for the coming day we decided to hit a spa followed by a little walk and photographs of the local scenes. I could feel the butterflies already. Why? well the reason is very overwhelming. It's the people of Bali. They are so happy go lucky always. They greet strangers with a smile and a gentle nod, something which is deeply missing in our metropolitan. Their gesture makes you feel at home and what better than a lovely smile to make the day han? They are very traditional too. All over Bali you are going to find lot of temples with unusual and peculiar architecture. Hence proved Bali people are religious. I being a Indian can relate more since my connection with this place goes back to a long time. I could sense the Indian religious touch over here and don't be surprised if you find Indians as natives in Bali.Important Facts: In Bali,People have mostly four names- The first born, boy or girl, is Wayan. The second born is Made. The third born is Nyoman. And the fourth born is Ketut.You have to purchase water everywhere or you can keep a reusable water bottle as many restaurants and cafe offer free refills.Avoid booking a hotel or airbnb surrounded by too much greenery(Insects and reptiles will be there in all shapes and sizes).Open roof exotic washrooms sounds amazing in day time only :P ...Don't miss the amazing Spa experiences in Bali.Try Coconut Ice-cream at Tukies.(Must try)Avoid buying any Magic Mashrooms(I hope you can understand).Try to explore as much as you can do by Scooty only.ATM is safer and better money exchange option in Bali.Beware of fake blue bird taxi in Bali.Bargain,Bargain and Bargain....Walking down though the thin trails we reached the market area of Gianyar where we had our lunch at a place called Clear Cafe. We ordered burgers, lasagna and a dish called Hint of India (Yummm!). From here on my first day was mostly a market strawl. Bali is heaven for local shopping specially Bohemian decor items, handicrafts and articrafts like paintings, handbags (believe you me, the round ones are irresistible).One last thing, The DOGS in Bali. They are surprisingly well maintained. How about if you tell you that you could find posh high quality breeds of dogs in Bali as stray dogs? Yes, that is TRUE!. I am an animal lover and already have a dog back in my home in India so for me this observation had to find a mention. Well that's how the first day at Bali came to an end. I could not wait to see what the next day had in surprise.