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Priyam Ratnam
Legian Street- It was a perfect spot for me as it was between Kuta and Seminyak. The area is a bit touristy but I did not mind that as I got all the basic facilities you expect from an average hotel. I stayed for 5 nights 4 days at IBIS Legian Street which is a 4- star hotel and it had all the basic facilities. It costed me around INR 1400/- per night including breakfast.Day 1- My driver picks me up from the hotel at around 10 am and we go to South Bali.
Legian is supposedly the party capital of Bali and we decided to spend our first 3 days there. We stayed at the ‘Love F Hotel’ the first ever hotel from the stable of ‘Fashion TV‘. The hotel is chic, comfortable, glamorous and not expensive (remember we were on a budget holiday). Entire hotel has the FTV Logo embossed everywhere ,including the crockery which was also in the shape of the logo .It was difficult to drink coffee from the cup with the odd shape but every morning after breakfast I would just order a cappuccino and get myself pictured with it (it was a different fun ????).The rooms are small but enough for a tourists who comes back to sleep and freshen up. After walking around the whole day the in-hotel foot massage was a bliss. It was soo amazing, that I would just fall asleep on the chair while the masseur would press the various points on my feet. Needless to say that they had me visiting them almost every night of our stay.