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Sushma Neeraj
3. To See The Balinese Wood Carving CraftMas is a village near the area of Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali. Mas is recognized for the wooden created handicrafts and furnishings with outstanding export quality and very well processed and also evaluated. It is a center area of wood carvings in Bali island, most of the adult people in the town of Mas may carve the timber crafted statues and furniture items with various models and magnificent creativity, lots of members of the family in Mas creating wooden crafts for retail and export. Here we can find varied galleries from small to the big one to show and sell wooden arts and crafts that have been acknowledged internationally.
Namita Kulkarni
Intricate and massive, artful yet natural, it was quite the example of the Balinese way of combining human artistry with natural beauty. Took three wood carvers three weeks to carve this out of the roots of a litchi tree. Sometimes ‘epic’ is too small a word.