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Up North in the Balinese countryside awaits a region of low-lying hills, cooler misty temperatures, cascading waterfalls, artistic temples, enormous picturesque twin lakes, and lush greenery to be discovered!My travel stories are for the intrepid and discerning travellers who love to go beyond the tourist lanes!
Munduk has been on my wish-list radar for its off-beaten vibes and I was determined to spend some time here this time. After spending a couple of leisurely days soaking in the hipsters laid-back vibe of Canggu, I was ready for my next destination! Leaving behind our rice-fields facing airbnb in Canggu, my amiable Bali chauffeur drove me to Munduk. Inching near Munduk, picturesque views engulfed me on all sides. The heat humidity of Bali gave way to cool gushing wind, a slight nip in the air – the setting seemed perfect for a paradise waiting to be discovered!Nestled in the north of Bali, Munduk is the most picturesque region with a character of its own! Surreal views engulf you wherever you go and some of the most unique Bali @airbnb properties are found here! While I was here, I experienced some unanticipated surreal moments and I have tried to enlist some of these experiences to help you to explore Munduk well!Here is a list of 6 awesome experiences in Munduk!
Bali is therapeutic! The food, the Balinese spa therapy, the locals exuding with warm and unmatched hospitality, the ketuks sessions and the cooking classes in Ubud, the cliff and white-sand beaches of Uluwatu – everything here keeps me coming back once a year to rejuvenate, press pause and appreciate the little things in life!Being an advocate of slow-travels, I chose to explore a few regions of Bali on my first visit. With a strong urge to return, I was back in Bali in a span of 8 months and this time around I chose to spend time exploring the relatively less know sides of Bali!