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Nusa Dua Beach

Jennifer D'mello
Bali is known for it's culture and beautiful beach side. We planned on going offbeat and not visiting all the cliché beaches that were all over our Google searches for Bali. We thought, why not visit a secluded beach that's away from all tourist attractions? We pinned onto Nusa Dua Beach, Bali and with a very few images to refer on Google, we thought it would be a risk, but we took it. I bet you hadn't heard of this beach earlier. 😱This beach was straight out of our dreams! As I write this blog, I do feel like I'm writing a personal love letter to the best offbeat beach I've stepped on in my entire life. 💕
Surbhi Mittal
We reached Nusa Dua for water sports by riding on Two wheeler. Exploring a place on our own pace without much interference from drivers and tour operators brings joy to us. After getting to know about the thrill involved in various water activities, We decided to go ahead with Para sailing and Sea walker. It was going to be our first experience of being above water in parasailing and under water in sea walker. I was excited and nervous at the same time for both the sports. There is a reason that these sports are called adventure sports, but we were ready to take this adventure head on. Sailing over water during parasailing, actually felt like we were flying. I had a practice of closing my eyes when scared in adventure rides, but everything around me was so pleasant that I lived in the moment. That was a moment when I felt - yes, Life is beautiful. Happiness filled across my body after completing parasailing. I was even more excited now to go under water in Sea walker. But while waiting for my turn, many people were coming out scared and they said, its dangerous. Again, I was in dilemma and mind was struggling between - don't go, its dangerous Vs you can do it. Finally, I decided to be courageous and explore. Truly, it turned out to be another occasion of overcoming fears. I have never tried swimming, because I don't believe that I can control breathing but in sea walker, I simply followed tips shared by coach and walked seamlessly through it. This whole experience made be feel - if you can believe it, you can do it.
Jennifer D'mello
We headed early as we were traveling far today. Next up was Nusa Dua - a beautiful beach that ideally has two shores & a temple between the two. Nusa Dua means 'Two Islands' where it's literally two islands clamped together. The beach definitely is secluded, clean, blue & jaw-dropping beautiful!
The list of fun-filled water sports in Nusa Dua will surely make your Bali vacation unforgettable. But you have to do your research well and identify places that are highly rated on trip advisor so that you don’t get fleeced. Nusa Dua is located in the southern part of Bali and is home to white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix from water activities like jet ski, parasailing, and banana boat. The more laid back travelers can opt for activities like sea waker, turtle island by glass boat, etc.
The Idea of adding FLYBOARDING to my bucket list happened in 2014 soon after watching Hrithik do the CG stunts with Fly Boarding in the film BANG BANG. During that time, Fly Boarding was not available in India and later it came to Goa. I started checking off my Bucket List from 2016 when I first visited Europe, but this Fly Boarding never came into the picture until the day I along with my cousins arrived in Bali in the month of January this year.