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Pantai Berawa

before our final stop at the sunset point and beach waters at Pantai Berawa. It was the perfect place for the final stop of the day and this calm was the ideal conclusion to my road trip!Whether it was the span of nature's wondrous creations or the warmth and happiness infectious around the locals, I took my leave with a belief that travelling connects you to people beyond the need of words. So in true Balinese style- "Sampai Jumpa!"
For me, sunset is the best and most important part of the day, akin to closing the day on a perfect note. The Sunset point at Pantai Berawa seemed to be the best way to end my day in Bali. And as I enjoyed the harmonies of the ocean waters with the medley of the winds, I sipped on a Balinese drink and revered the moments that made my trip to Indonesia so special and memorable.