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Taman Ayun Temple

You will see a lot of shopping options outside this area at exit side. This is one of the best place to purchase souvenirs. Things are generally cheap here but they do lot of bargaining.After that we went to see Taman Ayun Temple. It is a royal temple of Mengwi Empire and is a beautiful representation of the architecture of Bali.
Devendra Gohad
Next day, we spent entire morning in the hotel, had lunch and then headed in the north to Taman Ayun Temple on bike again. It was around hour's drive but the scenic roads won't let you feel it. You can also rent a car which would cost you around 2.5k - 3k if you are not comfortable in driving scooter. Most of the drivers on GRAB application would give you personal car rental for day at cheap price compared to price on application.The temple is very beautiful surrounded with lot of greenery and water. We spent afternoon at the temple and then left for most beautiful and loved destination in Bali.
Akash Jain
We started our 3rd day with the Taman Ayun Temple, a beautiful temple in the middle of a pond surrounded by forest. You will find a lot of temples in Bali and each temple is known for some special reason. Likewise, this place was known for its use of bamboo and dry grass for the temple roof.
Sushma Neeraj
Taman Ayun Temple is located in Mengwi District and about 45 minutes from Denpasar Town. First stop during Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is visit this temple. This temple is designed with Bali architecture, the form this temple building is also owns separate unique with up to 10 storeys. Outside yard with open grassy expanse and meeting hall for held the meeting, dance performance and sometime cockfighting. Middle yard built high wood bell (Kulkul), outside yard to middle yard separate by open gate and from middle yard to inner courtyard separate by close gate. Inner courtyard has a lot of multi tiered shrines (Meru), from first till the highest one. The visitor allowing to see the inner courtyard from outside only. Taman Ayun Temple entrance ticket USD1.6 per person
Anup Merkap
Taman Ayun Temple