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Bangalore Palace

This palace is the Palace Gardens located in the heart of the city was constructed in 1887 by the Wodeyar Dynasty. The look of the palace is just like one of those medieval castles of England. It is said that this Tudor style palace was inspired from the Windsor Castle of England. The design and beauty of the Windsor Castle is said to have impressed Raja Chamarajendra Wodeyar so much that he decided to make this palace. The palace, though it has lost much of its previous grandeur, still manages to stand stunning. The garden and lawn around the palace is well maintained and the castle is now used for exhibitions and large cultural programs. As you enter the palace, it is the ballroom of the king and on the first floor is the assembly halls. The walls are intricately decorated and Yellow seems to have been a favorite of the king. There are ornate walls and also a place with a veil where the ladies used to sit while the assembly was in progress. The castle is mainly carved in wood and the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, a court artist adorns many of the walls here.
Dishant Bhatia
Bangalore Palace If you are new to the city, then clearly inform the cab driver to drop you at the Palace entry and not the Palace ground - which is a wedding site these days. The palace is one of its own kind for its different Tudor style architecture. The beige colored massive bastions and palace stone walls covered with ivy vegetation take you back in time instantly. Although, I was shocked to discover the hefty amount they charge for audio guide (which is now been made compulsory anyway) and photography. Better be prepared for that. The interiors are splendid, no doubt, and the audio guide teaches you well with Kabir Bedi-like baritone voice. All in all, a must visit for those looking to take a dive in history and architecture.
Explore the impossibly beautiful interiors of the Bangalore Palace. The palace was constructed in 1862 and is presently owned by the royal family for Mysore. It surely makes for just the right spot to understand the roots and heritage of Karnataka.Take a short drive to the Nandi Hills
Bangalore Palace
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On hearing the word palace, most of the Bangaloreans imagine Royal Mysore Palace. Only a few of us might have visited the grand Bangalore Palace. Yes! being born and brought up in Bangalore, I had never been to this palace. Bangalore has changed so much as a metropolitan city over a decade. With all these changes apart, the Bangalore Palace stands still depicting the royalty, history and luxury.
Fatema Diwan
Peek into History at the Palace(s)
Nirali Desai
Bangalore Palace:Bangalore palace is a magnificent structure and its design looks inspired by the Windsor Castle in England. The living quarters of the ruling party of the Wodeyar dynasty, it is a splendiferous castle with beautiful gardens and marvelous architecture. An audio guide explains the history and each and every detail of the interiors and exteriors of the castle. The royal durbar, the paintings, the courtyard, the dining hall, the various stories & anecdotes of the era gone by, everything is beautifully explained in the audio guide. With this, my trip to the Bangalore city culminated with umpteen memories and a promise to visit this vibrant city again whenever I get the chance to do so.-----NiraliA must visit place in Bangalore to understand the era of the Wodeyar dynasty
Sreshti Verma
The history of Bangalore Palace dates back to 1862 when J. Garrett, the first principal of Central High School began construction with a plan of occupying 45,000 sq ft of area. This premise now occupies 450 acres and is known to host some of Bangalore's biggest concerts (Guns N Roses, Elton John, Metallica, Michael Learns to Rock, Roger Waters etc). The palace is still occupied by the royal Wodeyar family, who were its first owners. It is also said that even Tipu Sultan visited the palace for summer holidays with his parents.
Gunjan Upreti
Karthik Rao V
Dating back to the late 18th century, this majestic palace was built in the Tudor style of architecture and has some of the few beautiful painting masterpieces of bygone era. It is now owned by the royal family of Mysore and is considered to be a replica of the famous Windsor castle of London. The ground surrounding the magnificent palace is a popular venue for many concerts and exhibitions.