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Manavi Siddhanti
Take A Stroll Barengraben or The Bear Pit In BernSince we were near the end of the city, we decided to go to the Bear Pit. Moreso, we also had the company of a 9-year-old to get excited about this pit stop. With the Bernese symbol being the bear, the bear pit or Barengraben is on every tourist's checklist. 
Sumedha Bharpilania
Legend has it that when the founder of Bern, Berthold V, duke of Zähringen, caught a bear during one of his hunting expeditions, the city got its name. When I visited the Barengraben, an extremely popular tourist attraction, it was unfortunately nothing more than a deep pit where I could see one bear in total. However, with its beautiful trees and grass plots, several non-ferocious and completely adorable bears now freely roam around the 6000 square metre park in the heart of Bern, just along the Aare River. Visit www.baerenpark-bern.ch for directions and timings. The bears are usually away during the summers, therefore, it is best to find out well in advance. The entry is free.