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Travelling, find new direction and letting life surprise you are the best thing to experience. Always lived by this motto. If you give life a chance it will lead to the best and this is exactly what i love about travel going to Switzerland has always been my childhood dream destination from the Swiss Alps, romancing like a Bollywood heroine, Swiss Chocolate and many more. But Switzerland is much more than all the Bollywood fantasy that we live by. It’s truly god gift, a country which is purely magnificent a true natural beauty. And once you touch down this paradise your heart will keep asking you for more! That’s how truly I’m in love with this country with so many visits round the world; my heart still belongs to this place. And as a matter of fact you know this place require you to stay for almost a week. But this time it was just a stopover in Switzerland so how can I not let go of these few hours in paradise? So let life surprise me with my one night stay in Zürich – the financial city of Switzerland.The penchant to attract all avid travelers is defiantly European most vibrant city Zurich. And the best way to explore this city is buying a day card which allows access to all the transportation from bus, train to the metro. Walking down the most expensive street of Europe “Bahnhofstrasse” where you can splurge on the most luxurious brands. You name it & they have it! OR you can chill with couple of beer near the Zurich Lake where the vibe is nice and lively. Listening to street artist or typically Swiss music, if you’re luckily with the weather then you may even go wind surfing, wake boarding or if you just want a swim. That’s how cool the energy & vibe of the city brings to you. And if Art seems your forte then defiantly this city has a lot to offer from beautiful museum, opera house to spectacular art gallery. But one must not forget to visit the charm of Zurich old town. Walking thru those by lanes with church bells ringing, clock tower atmosphere feel like typical vintage movie. Grossmünster is protestant church it’s not only knows for its famous history but also the view up to the stairways over-looking the entire old town is just breath-taking. Tramps moving along the lanes, old couple holding hands for their evening walks. Oh you will defiantly fall in love with this city, it’s in the air Switzerland proves that absolutely right the land of romance.But since this wasn’t my first trip to Switzerland, so been in this romantically indulge place and being the typical Bollywood buff wanted to experience something uniquely different, however doing that in just one day seems a little difficult but not impossible. So i wanted to see the picture of typically Switzerland Swiss Alps in one day – Challenge? I accepted! Went through the map, googled a little bit and checked out for the nearest mountain to Zürich. The research says it was Mount Rigi located at the heart of Central Switzerland; Mount Rigi is perfectly accessible from all four points of the compass. The mountain railway will take you up and right into the magnificent Alpine world, where you just get off and enjoy life– it’s as simple as that. So what seems simple must be simple so NO further research and now biggest perk was on buying the Swiss Pass which is the cheapest way to explore Switzerland you get a trip to Mount Rigi Free. That was Eureka moment for me, so maybe life wanted me to just go to the Alps. So my stop-over seems more exciting than the destination, without doubt after landing to the place we call paradise ! Began my journey to mount Rigi hopped on to the Zurich main station getting on to the Arth Goldau RB train which take you to the footsteps of the mountain after reaching there you have two option either you go hiking or take the nostalgic winter steam trains to the mountain top and not to forget everything was included in the pass. The journey right from the start was beyond beautiful passing through those typically Swiss villages and heading to mountain, feeling the chill and seeing all skiers in action, mountain covered with blankets of snow and body started to feel the cold that is a typical Swiss life which one must experience in Switzerland. I couldn’t be more grateful for having made the right decision to see Mt Rigi. Once reaching the top of the mountain we were spell-bound of how gorgeous the view was! Trust me words couldn’t express our feeling. And we did feel like Bollywood star featuring in one of those romantic love story LOL. So once you reach on top of the mountain its like sunbathing above the sea, and it’s like sea of clouds. Absolutely spectacular! But the best part about Mount Rigi is that they have fun activities on the mountain-top and if your beginners like me don’t worry you must try the sledding under the stars or even horse drawn carriage rides. Skiing is the most famous sport of winter wonderland. But they have activities for all age group. Children having a blast at the small Skiing area, sledging or if you just like to relax then try out the mineral bath & spa in one word it’s just too much fun. One must do is trying out the traditional Swiss Fondue in the world’s oldest electric cogwheel railcar this heated vintage carriage, true to the motto: “Pure enjoyment à la 1911”


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