Bharat Bhavan

shubham saxena
Bharat Bhawan, the art gallery of Bhopal, also the theatre. The innovative paintings and artistic creations were displayed there.
Suprita Mitter
After a long day, we decided to watch a play, and were lucky to catch director Atul Kumar’s Hindi musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s 12th Night, titled Piya Beharupiya at Bhopal’s famous Bharat Bhavan. This, I guarantee, can uplift the lowest of moods. Bharat Bhavan is a thriving centre for visual arts and performances. Sitting at the ground level (which is at the same level at which the artists perform) and watching a performance up close is an immersive experience that you must try.Where: J Swaminathan Marg, Shamla HilsTiming: 10.30am to 5.30pmCall: 0755 2660239/2661398