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Taj ul Masajid

Gitika Saksena
Taj-ul-MasajidShah Jehan Begum (Bhopal's third female ruler) commissioned this place of worship, among Asia’s largest mosques. The construction was completed in the 18th century. The interiors are exquisite, admire the arched roof, pillars, ornate ceilings, grand hallways…
Sreshti Verma
Bhopal has seen the reign of Hindu rulers for many centuries, but from early 18th century till independence, it propspered as a Mughal kingdom. There is a huge community of Muslims living in Bhopal and their culture can best be observed through a walk to the city's most revered mosques. Built in 1844, Taj-ul-Masjid is one of the biggest mosques in India and Moti Masjid is known to be constructed by Begum Shah Jahan, who would challenge notions by worshiping there dressed as a man.
Sachin Sethi