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There were places such as dharamshala ,Dalhousie ,mcleodganj. But these places have all become commercial.That's when I came to know about this place , BIR –billing ,near Palampur district, Himachal Pradesh (the land of gods).This place is also a hub for paragliding.For everyone’s info it is world’s 2nd largest paragliding site.So I got super excited and decided to spend my weekend at bir. Coming to bir, Mostly referred as "Paragliding Capital of India". But then that’s not all it has. It has lots of Buddhist monasteries, and it is a great place for meditation lovers.Bus from Delhi to BIR.It all began from Delhi. I took a bus (AC Volvo sleeper by northern travels) to bir. There is a reason to mention VOLVO. I would suggest people who are used motion sickness please travel by a Volvo bus . There are many other options i.e go to palampur by train and then by bus etc etc…. but the preferred method is by bus as it makes ur journey comfortable and you can have a sound sleep. So I took the bus from Majnu ka tilla (DELHI) at 8.30pm and reached BIR by 8.30 am the next day. Ticket cost : Rs1100
Hartej Singh
Bir Lies In Kangra District Near To Baijnath At An Elevation Of 1530 Meters. It Is Famous For Paragliding , Monasteries, Yoga Centers, Spirituality. Temperature In Winters Ranges Between 8-18 Degrees While In Summers it is Between 15-35 Degrees. Nights Are A Little Cold Hence Advisable Is To Always Carry A Warm Jacket As Himachal Temperatures Can Drop Down Anytime Even In Summers. In Winters Do Carry Warm Clothes
Nainshree Goyal
This place has a clean place for washroom and two -three small eating places which makes maggie and tea for you. Do enjoy the delicacies in the mountain with view and after the amazing paragliding experience. If you want to go and explore the Tibetan culture, Buddhist monastery and a Stupa, You can peacefully enjoy it. Its very peaceful away from the rush of commercial towns.
Cherish Santoshi
3. Paraglide: No shit, sherlock. Of course, or you would have probably not come here. Here is how you should do it. Ask your hotel/hostel guy to arrange it for you. 2000 INR for the whole thing which should include your one-way transport to the take-off site. Pay an extra 500 for the GoPro. Do it the first time you go paraglide. Worth it. However, for subsequent times, try enjoy the experience instead of holding some long shitty selfie stick all the time. Live it so well that it makes it to the final flashback of your life for when you are about to die.For people who are scared of paragliding, I am not going to say you should not be. I am going to say the feeling when you are airborne, above the clouds and can spread your hands like a bird; you can hear nothing except the wind; the view is incredible and it is so peaceful that your mind comes to a stand-still. That feeling, is worth overcoming your fear and giving it a shot.Watch Paragliding in Bir and see it for yourself. I made this using a gopro :)Pro tip: Paraglide during sunset time - spectacular views.If you take a GoPro for your flight, insert your memory card in it. It will save you 30 minutes for when the guy at landing site transfers the videos in your phone. That place is crowded AF and can get frustrating after a while because of poor management.
Cherish Santoshi
Bir, also called "The paragliding capital of India" is located in Himachal Pradesh. Its not as touristy as Manali/Goa but it has just enough facilities that gives you a sense of modernized world.This is how you should travel Bir 1. Travel solo if you can: We need to rethink this shit from the scratch. While traveling with our existing friends is great, wouldn't it be awesome to come home from your travels with more friends than before? Friends from different parts of the world? Bir is a place for solo travellers. You can find a good number of solo travellers in Bir and you have a better shot at befriending them if you are traveling solo yourself. Everyone is nice and warm. If you're nice, they will share their stuff with you (if you know what I mean)
Day 3 - I was woken up with “baa baa” and unzipped the tent and a sheep was right in front of the tent and my eyes were traumatized on seeing that we were on a steep valley and the view was gorgeous surrounded with green valley and the white mountains along with herd of sheep. What an amazing morning it was that I just kept sitting and kept on grazing the valley and the mountains. After refreshing ourselves, however in the name of refreshing its only natures call, brushing and wiping face with wet wipes that’s it. Till then our breakfasts were ready with aloo paratha, Maggi and Chai. After filling our tummies, we all got prepared for the lifetime experience of flying. Yes, its paragliding Yaayeeee. I have the AMC problem, so I always carry medicine and right after my breakfast I took 1 avomine making sure that I don’t puke while flying. So, I was ready with my co – pilot with all the safety belts and guidance and waited eagerly for that prefect wind to come which took nearly 20 min. I was the 1st one to move ahead and here we run in full force pulling that giant parachute. I was pulled back by that parachute but my co pilot was quite strong to help me out managing that giant wing. With all my teeth’s out of excitement and scream of happiness we took off from the valley. And just in few minutes we went higher, higher and higher. Please be careful with the camera while taking off you need good strength in holding that camera on the same time managing yourself. My luck was so bad that after 15 min camera went out of battery and couldn’t take the mesmerizing nearby views of the snow-white mountains which was just shining like a diamond. But nonetheless I had a better camera, yes, my eyes.
Debarpita Sen
Today is the Big Day. The day for which we had planned the trip. At around 7a.m. in the morning, our guides woke us up saying "your pilots have arrived. Get ready quick." And all that went in my mind was, "Hey, I need some mental preparation...." I didn't expect to jump off 9000 ft so early in the morning, ofcourse!But I had to face it, face my fear of heights...even if its 7 am in the morning. Nearly 5 mins of walking distance from our tents was the paragliding take off site. When we went there, our pilots were ready to just tie us up and push us from the cliff... Yes that's what I was feeling :pSeeing others, some of them tripping and falling, raised my fear to some other level. Meanwhile, my pilot was buckling me up for the flight. My friends were cheering me up, but all I could hear was the gushing sound of the wind and my pilot asking, "Are we ready mam?"Honestly, I just wanted to say "No" to this question, but I didn't. I could just say "Ye.." and within seconds the pilot started pushing me from behind asking me to "" I had my eyes closed and only opened them when I felt my feet no longer on the ground. Yes, I was flying. I was on the air.I screamed for a while, but then looking around made me go absolutely silent. Was I really on top of the world? Was I really looking down from 9000 ft? Is it a picture I always saw on desktop wallpapers? These were the questions that ran through my mind!After a good 20-25 mins rides, I landed at Bir. It was an experience that has not only left a mark on me, but has also made me love my dear ones more :p You know why!
Debarpita Sen
Next day morning, we were all ready for our trek from Bir to Billing. We were a group of 5 that came to Bir from Delhi with the same package. There are three roads from Bir that goes till Billing.Route1- It takes you through beautiful lush green forests, Himachali villages and the Bir river. It's a 13 km long trek with steep climb at places. It takes around 5-6 hours to reach the top.Route 2- A steeper climb through forests and rocks. It's a comparitively difficult route to take for beginners.Route 3 - Roads throughout, but it's best not to take it if you wish to trek through a magical scenery. It's preferred for cars and two-wheelers.We took Route 1 and it was one of the most beautiful treks we had taken. We crossed several villages where the main occupation for most people was farming. They had friendly, smiling faces that can take away any amount of stress from your life. I wish words could be enough to describe the experience of the trek, but sadly they aren't. Resting on the rocks, the feeling of relief when we saw the river flowing, dipping our feet in the chilled water of Bir river, watching every second step we took and finally the feeling of accomplishment on reaching the top are somethings that are better experienced than read or heard.
En route, there was famous Baijnath Temple of Lord Shiva. This part of Kangra Dist. houses many famous devotional places. At 10:30 we reached Bir. A small hamlet, adorned with rich Tibetan cultures and full of enthusiasts all around. We made a deal with one of the local agents for Rs. 2500 each (for Go-Pro, pilot charged 500/- separately) which included the drop to Billing, the launching site, by their own transport. I was in peculiar state of mind and didn’t know whether it was due to the unforeseen thrill or the anxiety that left me dumbstruck throughout my way to Billing. On arrival at Billing and seeing others delighted, shouting, taking snaps, selfies, I felt like gaining my composer back again.
Aarush Tandon
A fly through the endless skies, a current flowing through your rusted body, it could turn you into a traveller, an adventurer, take you to endless heights.
Anmol Pathak
Took My Breathe AwayThe final day for Bir Billing paragliding had come. We got up early in the morning. Gopal served us the best maggi with a cup of chai and Pranthas, Heaven right?
@diti $rivastava
Day 3 (Sunday Morning) In the morning wake up call with tea given by camp organizer you can take a sip of tea with view of sunrise. After Breakfast enjoy Paragliding Tandem rides from Billing and landing at chougan.Roam and explore Bir and try local dish in lunch...after that you want to take rest than you take some hotels or guest house or chill @ coffee house and took night bus from there otherwise took bus and come back to Delhi.Monday Morning go and attend office????If you are "Adventures" this trip is best for UIf you are "Nature Lover" this trip is best for UIf you are "Trekker" this trip is best for UIf you are "Traveller" this trip is best for UBut please don't go if you are a tourist and you want a luxury trip with all comfort......If you want more details please contact me on:FB: Shades of "India" (group)Email ID: shadesofindiaa@gmail.comThis blog was originally published on 'Shades Of India'
Nikita Dalal
Once in your lifetime, Fly High!
Aarush Tandon
There are two methods to go to Billing from where the paragliding was supposed to happen- one by bus and the other by trekking. Most of the people chose trekking and though we had all sort of difficulties we were able to reach by 2 pm and paragliding proved to be a 100% success, an achievement to be proud of.
Rishi Gautam
After few more hours the blanket of darkness covered this unimaginable small place and it was time for stars to arrive in style. I was hell hungry and this is when "Chachu Chaiwala" served me with the simplest yet delicious food I ever had in himalayas. Till then the weather dip down further and went to -4 degree. I requested him to give me a jug full of hot tea with the flavor of elaci and ginger and a bonfire to sit in front of as he was about to sleep in his small yet very hot hut. This was the time when there was utter silence and when I and mountains started gossiping. They told me stories of how they and sun play hide and seek everyday with each other behind the moving clouds and how the snowfall bring surprises for them (mountains) before leaving with a promise of coming next year with more surprises and I told them how my life remains like a black and white movie of 1960s without seeing them for months. After gossiping for 4 hours I slept in my tent in their (mountains) lap.I was sleeping in utter silence when a dreary sound of crows woke me up.I looked out of my tent and found that the sun was trying to settle himself above the clouds before finally meeting me. This is when the weather gave me second surprise from its bag to me as the snowfall was gone and I embarked a new day in the presence of very bright sunshine.
Kitty Iyer
Someone in a cafe told them about paragliding. My parents found the right agency who could take them to bir billing and for the first time, tried paragliding. It was an absolute hit with them! The loved the view, the feeling of gliding between the mountains.
This was going to be a big day as we all waited for this from the day 1 and our purpose of being at Billing was about to complete. No matter we were not ready to leave our camps and say good bye to beautiful views, greenery and peace but a thrilling feeling which we all had, forced us to leave the place and do paragliding. So, we all went for our paragliding session just after our breakfast by 9.30 am. While we were getting ready, there were mixed feelings inside our body and soul were getting hitched to each other. We were scared, we were excited, we were thrilled, we were nervous. We all had a pro with us to shoot our experience of doing it. Once the wind pressure is accurate, your trainer will ask you to run without seeing left or right, you just need to run for about 7 - 8 seconds because it helps your glider to open up completely and for a good take off. The moment between when you run on hills and sudden realization of being in air is something which you can not describe in words. The feeling you had when u start running on ground and you are still running while you are already in air and how come your chairs get pulled up automatically and you gets fitted into it. I blind trusted my trainer (Amit) who was very nice and had an experience of almost 9 years in this field. I ended up with my actions as he said and rest left all upto him which was very much necessary at that moment to enjoy what i did. I literally shouted with my whole heart but not with fear at all, it was the feeling which i had for overcoming my fear. It was more of an excitement and thrill. I watched everything down there, the step farming, the green forests, the school playground, the famous Choukling Monastry and far more dharamshala valley etc etc etc. I had nothing in my mind (office or any personal matter). I was free flying like a bird enjoying other birds flying with me. i got clicked in between and talked to Amit asking about his experience and sharing my own experience of doing it at that moment. How a 15 - 20 minutes ride comes to it landing point, i had no idea. I wish i could have ended up in sky for more hours but one has to move ahead. Before landing, Amit made me feel the stunts by rolling all over the glider with high speed and it was all fun all together. While my colleagues were waiting for me to land at Bir (landing site). I saw them from far and started waving my hands in the air with all the big smile on my face. It was ultimate, out of the world experience which one should definitely try in his lifetime. Being an Indian, I am proud that Billing is the world's second best place for paragliding sport and i am glad i did it. Once we all completed our paragliding session, we finally began our journey back to Delhi after completing full and final formalities with Mr. Sonu at Bir.At the end what i feel inside me is the confidence to face the unexpected things in life where you got to be mentally strong enough to deal with it. Staying with my office male colleagues for the first time that to in camp along with strangers also was a big thing for me for the first time. I felt like Rani of movie Queen who just enjoyed her trip making new good friends, experiencing her fears and overcome it by her strong dedication and taking charge of her life in her own hands. This was my first solo cum group trip which will always be an unforgettable in my life time. I myself could not believe what i have done and how i managed everything without getting luxuries of life. At the end I am proud of myself and this is just the beginning.........
Day 2Awesome sun rise point just ahead of your camp. The peace which you feel early morning having tea and watching the pragliders flying just above your head in an open sky gives you ghoose bumbs and makes you feel fearless. This day was our trekking day. The cold water did not allow us to take bath....:). So we quickly dry cleaned ourselves . Of course, being the typical adventure, the washrooms were too under the camp tent made in Indian style only. We had a breakfast of Aaloo Pranthaas with Pickle and Butter. I bet you can not have the same taste at your home as well except if the same has been made by your mother. It was so delicious that we ended eating up extra only. Though, we were supposed to do trek of almost 16 kms but being Delhiites we could not resist our taste buds!!!Neel took us for trekking just after the breakfast and we were provided with packed brunch food for our way. It was a trek from Billing to Rajgaunda (15 kms). The trek included crossing almost two mountains all together and to go on to another side. On the way we were accompanied by a Local Dog who spent his whole day with us. Started at 11.30 am, we reached half a way to Rajgaunda which was 8 kms but almost on a top of the hill from where we were able to see all under us. It was all plain at the top and you can feel the fresh and cold air bypassing your body and soul and even stretched out body feels relaxation. We reached by 2.30 there and decided to have our lunch, though there was a small stall there from where we took boiled eggs and enjoyed along with our Pulaov. Our "Sheru" shared the eggs with us. We spent almost an hour there post lunch by getting ourselves clicked. and started coming back at 3.45 pm and reached our camp by 6 pm. We had three more new checked in travelers that night and enjoyed our bon fire session along with calm music, rum, wine, delicious food - chicken curry, rajma, matar paneer, roti and rice. It was a feeling of contentedness after a hectic day enjoying at camp, watching the galaxy (sky full of stars), talking about paragliding sessions for next morning and observing the activities of other colleagues and three other strangers we met that evening. By 11 pm we all went into our camps and slept with an excitement waiting for us for next morning.
I woke up early in the morning listening to the chirping of the birds and the whistling of the breeze. I opened up the curtain of my tent to be welcomed by a serene view of the mountains kissed by the early lights before sunrise. I came out to sink in the divine aura of nature. I waited eagerly for the sun to rise past the mountains. I slowly packed my tent and prepared to leave. After the sun crossed the brim of the mountains, I kissed it a good morning and hit off to my journey. My trek back to Dharamkot was fast and full of energy. I took a shortcut which could have led me directly to Bhagsunag waterfall, but I took a detour to Dharamkot instead. I had the privilege to enjoy a waterfall on the way down to Dharamkot, where I freshened up. Once I reached down, I hopped buses till I reached Baijnath, where I had a quick darshan of Lord Shiva, only to board the bus again to Bir. I went to a paragliding booking center, where I booked for paragliding for 3000 including video. I thought I should swipe my card for payment, as I was short on cash, but unfortunately, they had no facility. I asked them to take me to any nearest ATM to withdraw, to which they happily obliged. The driver with whom I pillioned, drove at a speed of 70 – 80 kmph even on those hilly roads. Even though I was scared initially, I enjoyed the ride thoroughly. Who gets to have a ride at such high speed in such an altitude?? Pheww... Once I got money and paid, I went to the launching area of paragliding in Billing in an open jeep. The ride to the launching area was an adventure in itself, because of the driver, who was driving very fast but safely even in that rugged terrain. Once we reached the top, the view in itself is worth every penny, as one can easily understand why it is the best paragliding spot in the whole of Asia. The guide quickly harnessed me, and we ran off the cliff with a bang into the sky. That leap of faith (I signed a contract of being responsible in case of any accident) pumped adrenaline in my veins instead of blood. It is an experience worth having. We on top, and the world below. Flying like a bird, we sailed and hovered on top of Bir. I re-enacted having food at an altitude like Bear Grylls did in the UK. We landed pretty easily as half an hour zoomed past in a blink. I collected my video and rushed back to catch my bus to Mandi. I had to change two buses to reach Mandi. On reaching Mandi, I went to Guru Govind Ji Gurudwara, Kali temple, and Bhutnath temple. I then took a hotel for the night and had a sumptuous meal before I slept.Day 4 –Prashar lake, Back to Delhi
Vaibhav Gangrade
In the morning, we rented bicycles to go around the village and explore the Sherabling monastery, which isn't very far from the main Bir market.Cycling towards the monastery was fun (mostly downslopes) but cycling back was really hard. Sherabling is a beautiful monastery. I love Tibetan people and their culture. They are the most tranquil and accepting people of all.
saikat basu
(27th December, 2016): We reached the next morning at Mcleodganj.Place of stay – Hotel Pink house: of stay/night – Rs.1281 (online)Food – There are a lot of places to eat outside the hotel. Make sure you experience it. Tibetan Kitchen is the best place to have some good momos/Tibetan food. My personal favourite was the lamb momos. Make sure you try it.Tattoos – There are a lot of studios here, but none are as great. However, you can have one if you want to have it as a memory. I got one.
Aniruddha Kulkarni
Hoist your sails up in the skies at Bir-BillingBir-Billing is open through the year, so there’s no need to plan ahead if you want to fly. A 1 hour 30 minute drive from Rakkh will take you to Bir. Bir-Billing is best spot for paragliding aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. Bir Billing has also successfully hosted paragliding world cup in 2015.
Gunjan Upreti
Popularly known as one of the highest paragliding grounds, Billing is located 14km uphill from Bir. This hill station near Delhi has become the next hot pick for adventure enthusiasts who come here for an experience of a lifetime. Professional instructors with the right equipment guide you at every step. The views of the stunning Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar Ranges at the height make it an unmissable adventure opportunity for Delhiites visiting Bir on a long weekend.Book your ride to Bir now.
Aakanksha Magan
Located at a distance of 115km from Château Garli is Bir Billing. It is the best place for thrill seekers. The second best destination in the world for paragliding, Bir Billing is where you can soar through the sky like a bird! , Paragliding here begins from Billing (8000ft above sea level) and ends at Bir (4500ft above sea level). It is the ultimate destination to enjoy this crazy adventure sport.
Divya Nambiar
To be completely honest, I hadn’t even heard of Bir Billing until last year. And I found out about it just like I have found out about a lot of other places – while doing research for another trip. My Spiti trip was a few months away, and I started Googling the life out of Himachal Pradesh. The two-week plan slowly panned out into a month-long one (that it didn’t happen is a different story I won’t bore you with), and that’s when I stumbled upon the names of Bir and Billing, and what significance it holds.For the uninitiated, Bir and Billing are two little villages in Himachal Pradesh, known for being one of the best spots around the world for paragliding. In fact, India hosted the World Paragliding Championship in 2015. How cool is that! At an elevation of 2430 m, Billing is the ideal take off spot. It literally feels like you are on top of the world. And Bir is a tiny little town teeming with Tibetans, it being a Tibetan settlement.