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Bir-Billing is supposed to be the World's second highest paragliding site, and so I decided it was the perfect place and time for me to try paragliding. After river rafting at 11,000 ft in Ladakh and scuba diving at 12m underwater in the Arabian Sea in the last one year, paragliding at 8000 ft felt like the obvious next thing to do 😛My hostel manager connected me to a local agency that picked me up around 10 AM the day I was to paraglide, made me sign an indemnity letter (the only time I thought twice about whether I really wanted to go ahead with this), and took me to the take-off point in Billing (approx. 15-20 km away from Bir) along with my fellow gliders. Even the ride up was so beautiful (albeit a little bumpy) that I couldn't help feel excited and nervous at the same time!
Sanvi Sinha
Paragliding in Bir-Billing is what makes it outstand the most, so if you want adventure, lifetime experience, that feeling of flying high in the open air above the valley, and another tick on your bucket list, you should just go for it. You might spot the Zostel 2.0 if you are fast and lucky enough to overcome the ongoing body rush and the tingling feeling which cannot be expressed in words!
Anjana. P
Morning sun rays were giving me high hopes. I took a morning walk around the Hostel soaking all the peace and tranquility Bir had to offer. I walked in silence through the narrow track reliving my days in Himachal. Once again set out to Billing and I hit jackpot this time. Snow showers had turned Billing into a princess in white gown and I had no more regret for staying another day. I tightened my gears and glided into the cold breeze of Bir-Billing enjoying each moment of it. My instructor Suresh Bhaiyyah was kind enough to show around Billing in his gypsy. I also had a short drive to the Palpung Sherabling monastery and a waterfall nearby
Diksha Bhandari