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Lake Bled

Shardul Shah
Lake Bled is a lake in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. The area is a tourist destination.
5. Indulge in delicious food!The promenade around the lake is filled with cafes and bistros. Ample food options and cuisines from cheap to expensive range are available, however a must try and my top recommendation would be to indulge in the Bled Cake! An excellent taste of vanilla cream with whipped cream with a golden crispy layer of butter dough. The Bled cake can be bought anywhere in Lake bled however, Café Belvedere is a great option with an incredible view of the island to try this dessert along with several other food options on their menu. The Park Café another great coffee shop with an incredible view located right by the lake. Promenada Burger, my top recommendation for one of the yummiest burgers in the town. Another great outing if you looking for some authentic Slovenian food would be Gostilna Murka. A great place to get some tea or coffee would be LABirirnt. Restaurants with the iconic island view are of course a tad expensive a meal here can easily cost you 5-10 euro more than the average coffee shops or bistros.
Yes getting to the church would come across as a tourist trap as it is almost 15 Euro to get a boat ride to the island. On reaching the island you have to climb 99 stairs and pay another small fee of 6 Euro to enter the clock tower and ring the wishing bell. Every wish can come true, just believe, wish for it and ring the bell! If you believe in legends then yes go ahead and ring the bell. Totally avoid the Bled Castle, I think it is not worth an entrance of 9 Euro; you can rather always walk around the area for some great views or hike up the Ojstrica hill for a breathtaking view of the island.
On day 2 we booked a full day adventure tour with 3glav adventures. They took us to all the scenic spots around lake Bled. We trekked to see the Triglav mountains, went to the source of the Emerald (Soca River) River, played around in waterfalls and even did Rafting in the beautiful emerald river. The group consisted of 8-10 other travellers from different places.
 Footloose Dev
Lake Bled is one of the highlights in Slovenia and is unarguably the most romantic place you can visit in Europe. Surrounded by lush green mountains, the journey to Lake Bled takes nearly an hour from Ljubljana.Located in the North West of Slovenia, on the edge of the Triglav National Park, Lake Bled is the natural island in Slovenia. But that’s not its original charm. The original charm, however, is the beauty it offers. Looking half dramatic and half unrealistic Lake Bled reminds you of the Disney movies you have grown up watching.A 10 minute hand maneuvered canoe ride to the island will moreover feel no less fairy-tale-like. Speaking of a fairy-tale imagine this: A medieval roman-style castle, overlooking a serene lake. Almost in the middle floats a small island which is home to a church and a couple of al fresco cafés. The lake is moreover so calm and undisturbed as if someone has swiftly painted it over a canvass — call it a great location for honeymooners.There are options to stay around one of the many hostels/hotels in Lake Bled, and backpackers often choose to stay a few nights near Lake Bled (because of a cheaper accommodation here than in Ljubljana) but if you’re in Slovenia for only a few days, or moreover a week, it’s advisable to keep Ljubljana your base because it's convenient.Predjama Castle: A Castle Made Out Of Rocks, & A Cave