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Hoover Dam

Jane Travel
3. Take a Hike at the Hoover Dam Walk along the tunnels and railroads built throughout the hills. These tunnels are long, dark and sometimes even spooky passages leading to beautiful sights such as Fortification Hill, Lake Mead, and Boulder Basin.
Neha Bhise Sadalge
A video of a tourist visiting this site went viral a few years back, when the water pouring from her bottle flowed upwards instead of down. Since then, tourists have frequented this place to repeat this experiment. The water is actually flown upwards due to the powerful winds that the structure of the dam creates. It still makes for a great video though!Faroe Waterfalls
Prashanthi Pavadi.
Hoover Dam:Hoover dam/Arch gravity dam is located between the borders of Nevada and Arizona. The coolest part of Hoover dam is, I was able to stand in two different time zones(Pacific and Mountain) and two different states(Nevada and Arizona) simultaneously.
Kirti Gupta
For its deep contrasting beauty . For the enthusiasm with which people of all ages come here .