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Biras Creek Resort

Andrew Buys
Day Four Living on board these gorgeous and luxurious yachts is easy. We simply wake up the next day to a full breakfast being served, and then everyone heads to the barrier reef to snorkel. A good-sized nurse shark is seen nesting on the sandy bottom next to a large coral outcropping. Then we find 2 ancient cannons on the sea bottom! I get to pick up a mature conch with the animal still in its shell. I take many underwater pictures. We head back to the yacht for an early lunch so that we are ready in time for our helicopter ride at 3PM. Oh, here we go. We hear the flick-flick of the helicopter before we see a big dragonfly. The helicopter arrives and lands, sandblasting all of us until the big rotors stop. A smiling captain walked up to us and introduced himself to us, “Hi, I am Chris; let me assist all of you into the helicopter, which has 6 seats for guests.” Chris (the pilot) and I discussed a plan. As we took off, the gorgeous turquoise water and coral reefs began to show us how even more stunning they are from the air. It is very different looking down at the green islands and deep blue water, and the ability to rise higher above them is marvelous. Many pictures were taken, and I can see the buoy we docked at when we were at Marina Cay. As we landed and everyone was safely on land, I could see the excitement in everyone’s eyes and happiness in their smiles. They were so very delighted. “Now I can die and go to heaven” is what Ruth said. "Priscilla, now that you have enjoyed your helicopter ride, did that make up for not carirying one on board all the time?” When we got back from the helicopter flight, we all went to shower and dress for one special evening at the famous Biras Creek Resort. The resort’s ferry picked us up at our yachts and took 12 of us to their private dock. Crystal Clear (a private sailing charter yacht) was there, but no time was available to spend time with the captain and chef on board who are dear friends of Gaile and mine,