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Village Cay Resort

Andrew Buys
Day Eight Our last ½ day, so a hearty breakfast is served, and we are off to snorkel the famous Indians. This is a pinnacle which sticks out of the water from 55 feet below, and we circumnavigate this gorgeous coral garden, noting the different varieties of colored fish, the soft fan corals, plate coral, staghorn and brain coral. Visibility is 80 feet in all directions. The skeleton of a small sea urchin is found on the sea bed and now has a place on our display cabinet in our home. We tender back to Miracle, where lunch is served, and then we head to Village Cay Marina, our final marina. A few tears are shed saying goodbye, and we transfer to our taxi, which takes us to the airport for our flight home. Gaile says to me, “Do you know that was the most exotic vacation we have ever enjoyed?” Yes, it was the very best Virgin Island power boat rental we ever did. Thank you, Patrick and Priscilla!