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Swagatika Sarangi
AtomiumThe big round things you see in every Brussels guide is the Atomium building, which was built for the first post war universal world exhibition. A 5 minute walk from the Heysel/ Heizel metro station and you reach the Atomium. I suggest taking your time and walking around the area, looking at that unusual architecture. A fee of 11 euro has to be paid to visit the building where you can find exhibitions explaining how and why the Atomium was made, an observation deck giving you a view of Brussels.
Mathura Vaidyanathan
Ria Kumbhat
A little disappointing but nevertheless a good view
Ruchika Makhija
This iconic landmark of Belgium is hard to miss.
The atomium was the atomium… designed for the 1958 Brussels World Fair, it is a series of spheres that form a replica of a unit cell or iron crystal. If you venture up into it, you are provided with a panoramic view of Brussels.
The Atomium and the Mini Europe centre are both a bit ex-centred and require to go there by car or with public transportation (which I don't recommend because in Belgium public transportation are SO slow…). If you have kids or if you want to have some fun, do something special and discover an original place, I would recommend you to spend half a day there. The Atomium is a great piece of futuristic architecture that has a very very fast elevator. You can go from a sphere to another and you will enjoy a great view of the city! They dont have student prices unfortunately. The Mini Europe park is fun to visit. You have all the famous monuments in mini sizes from each European country and in front of each monument you can touch buttons to activate a sound which is most of the time the country’s official music. I think its possible to buy at the same time a ticket for the atomium and M.E