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Au Bon Vieux Temps

Ashley & Alex
My roommates and I called the bar our Harry Potter Bar because it was down a little brick alley which we attributed to Diagon Alley. The name of the bar is actually Au Bon Vieux Temps which is “In Good Old Time” in English and the bar has been around since 1695. It is an awesome little bar with a lot of history and a ton of great Belgian beers. The menu is just beer and wine and I would definitely go here for the specialty Belgian Beers. It’s a fun, small, dark bar to hang out in and drink with the locals. Also since it is dark inside you don’t feel as bad drinking beer in the middle of the day (and it’s a cultural experience as well). We tried a few traditional Belgian beers and then we saw “The Best Beer in the World” listed on the menu. It was a Trappist ale called Westvleteren and it was delicious. Only eight monasteries brew beer which can be called Trappist beer so any time you see Trappist beers I would order them no matter what. It is actually quite rare even in Brussels to find this particular beer in a bar as the monastery only sells their beer in small quantities from the monastery itself. So make your way to Au Bon Vieux Temps and have yourself a super rare beer, it’s totally worth it.