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Delirium Café

The Trunk Travellers
Try it at: Delirium Café, BrusselsNetherlands – Bavaria
Swagatika Sarangi
One of the finest crafted beer in the whole World. Belgian Beer are considered in the top beers of the world, and once you taste them you would agree to that too. To prove that,I can tell you how in 2016 UNESCO inscribed Belgian beer culture on their list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
Harita Vinnakota
Another "if you went to Brussels and didn't go here...." Place ... Deletion is buzzing with people and lots of beer :-) Must get high here and then go back where you came from - if you can, we were staying at the heart of the city walkable from everywhere so it was a piece of cake for us... Cake reminds me of Netherlands again :( We were put up at an Airbnb just behind La Bourse
Ashley & Alex
After having the best beer in the world our standards were set pretty high in terms of beer so we decided to head to where both quality and quantity reign supreme, Delirium Cafe. Delirium Cafe is famous for holding the Guinness World Record for having the most beers in one place which is over 2000 beers! It is my drinking home away from home. It’s amazing and HUGE with multiple levels filled with hundreds of beers on tap, thousands of beers in bottles and fancy beers bottled like champagne. It is a beer lover’s paradise. Alex and I immediately headed for the bar; we are bar people, you will not find us at a table unless we couldn’t squeeze in at the bar. Once we were seated at the bar we are handed a gigantic binder filled with beer options. It is overwhelming in the best way possible. At about this time Alex and I decided to start taking pictures of every round we have. I’m still not sure of that was a brilliant or foolish idea or whether the amount of beer we consumed was foolish or brilliant on an empty stomach. But either way this was our last drink of the night…