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Manneken Pis

See the small naked boy peeing
vinay sindhe
Manneken PisIn just about a kilometer's walk from the Grand place you will come across the most visited place in Belgium. Hold on to that statement as your senses will have a tough time in correlating what you just read and what you will see. This is a small statue of a young boy pissing. That's it. And by small i mean really small, like tiny. So tiny that a guy of average height will totally block the statue from your vision. Apparently during the festive seasons the boy will be clothed in traditional attire. This is one of those places you visit just to put a mental tick mark (and look at the funny expressions of people saying "that's it?, hahaha)While you are doing all the walking near the Grand place and the Manneken pis do check out the chocolate and the comic book stores. Belgium chocolates, and Waffles are one of the best that I have tasted.
Garima Yadav
From there we moved towards Mannekin Pis, a landmark of small bronze sculpture in Brussels, depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin. On the way we found various cartoon characters painted on the walls famous as comic street in Brussels. From there we returned back to Grand Place as it was around 7:30pm. As we reached, I saw a beautiful carpet decorated by flowers. It was a carpet of 77 m x 24 m and is composed by about 120 volunteers, with nearly 1 million begonias in less than 4 hours.
But how do you know that you are at Brussels ? May sound funny to some , but a peeing boy statue at every nook & corner of the streets, the Manneken Pis ,will help you confirm your location. It’s kind of a Statue with National Importance here . (original one is a Bronze Statue)
Nandini Ramesh
Manneken Pis - Cute little boy peeing. It is voted the most disappointing sight in the world. I found it cute! I hardly think that a larger than life sculpture of a boy pissing would be as endearing! The day we visited this lil fella, Belgium was playing the quarterfinal football match. No points for guessing his attire! :)
Swagatika Sarangi
Manneken PisVisiting Manneken Pis is as compulsory as eating a Belgian waffle. The most famous boy in Brussels, Manneken Pis is a bronze statue of a boy peeing. He is dressed in a different attire every day. The interesting thing here is that, the concept of this varies from person to person. I don’t think anyone knows the “real” story, if you do, then please share it with me.
Mathura Vaidyanathan
Ria Kumbhat
This place is so over hyped. But I guess the waffle place near it would never be seen if it wasn't for this. the waffles near Manneken pis are so Yummy and pretty cheap
This little statue is one of the main attractions of the city. During the national day or for big events, it is even dressed with special costumes! Many times when I was looking for the Manneken Pis, I had to struggle to find it. Indeed, dont expect it to be a large statue ! It is so crowded in front of it that the crowd hides the little man!! But it is funny to see people’s faces when they discover that: “THAT'S IT???” hihi ;-)