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Buda Castle

Devika Maheshwari
The Buda Castle is now divided into two big museums, National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum, and has a few other cultural items as well. But mostly on my tour, I noticed Hungarian artifacts from the Roman period till now. There were clothes, swords, helmets, tools and other historic and intricate pieces that made you relive their time.
Dipu Darko
It’s the most famous landmark of the city and you inevitably spend more than half a day walking around the castle area. More than the castle which was truly magnificent I was fascinated by the neighboring cottages and old houses that lined the castle on the outskirts. I’d recommend walking up to the castle from the Pest side of the city, crossing the famous Chain bridge and then exploring the area for the entire day. At times I did feel that I’d bump into some Herge character or find Snowy sniffing something around the corner. It’s well worth all the effort and the views are to die for.