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We arrived at Budapest's Keleti Train Station at around 3:30pm, almost an hour late....

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This was one of the main streets in downtown Budapest and I must have walked through this street almost twice everyday. The street is lined with colorful shops, restaurants, boutiques, pubs and bars and it’s really a small cobblestoned pathway but every time I went back I’d spot a new shop, bar and sit at one of the many cafes and watch people pass by. The best part was sitting in one of the pubs and watching one of the world cup matches alongside locals and travelers. Being In Europe at this time made the trip even more exciting and exhilarating. Oh! And don’t forget to try the slurpy Hungarian Gulash!
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This huge church is not really that old. It was only completed in 1905, after 54 years of construction, which included demolition of the nearly completed building when the central dome collapsed in 1868 due to poor workmanship. It is free to enter the church, but they are very aggressive with trying to get you to make a 250 forint ($1.12) "donation". It's not a donation if you have to pay it! I know it's only $1.12, but it's the point. Figure that probably more than 1,000 people per day are going through this church.
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Dear Mr/Mrs Reader,It’s my honour to warmly introduce you in #multiculti blog . So, yeah, sit comfortably in your rocking chair, pour up your ginger tea with the boiling water, and immerse into the reading of this story. It’s not going to be a bestseller, it’s just a brainstorm and emotion burst of two young guys who have uncompromisingly and unconditionally felt in love with travelling some time ago. Here is the resume of the trip me and my good friend Thanh Do Long (sorry for not using the correct Vietnamese letters ????)we made for the very first time together.

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Best time to visit Budapest is from March to May and from September to November


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