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Fisherman's Bastion

Devika Maheshwari
Fisherman's Bastion was made to celebrate the fishermen who defended this part of the city, but for my sister and I, this place looked more like an outstanding photo opp. The top offers an unimaginable panoramic view of the Danube, Margaret Island, and Pest. And if you turn the camera the other way you get a grand backdrop of a neogothic and neo-romanesque architectural ivory colored wonderland. You can pay to reach the higher levels of the building but the view from the top and bottom have just a slight difference and some might not find worth paying for it. However, the one thing you should definitely invest in is the fruit and snack stands on the sides of the cobbled street. Whether its massive cherries or salted potatoes on a stick, Hungarians know how to fulfill a good appetite. Their food is cheap, tasty and most of all available everywhere.