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Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Devika Maheshwari
After taking in the picturesque view of the parliament, the sweets and the shopping we were super tired so we took a cab and went to Széchenyi. Széchenyi is a park where thermal springs heat up the water and you can dive in to comfort yourself.Attached to it is a Neo-baroque palace that adds to the baths historic charm and taking in this luxury is only 20 euros when you book online.A Hungarian bath from the roots of Turkish occupiers is imperative if you want to term your Budapest trip as complete.
Dipu Darko
I’d heard about Roman and Turkish Baths but was not familiar with Hungarian Spas; so I went along with a friend to one of the popular thermal spas and it was an experience to remember. The spa itself had fifteen different pools with varying temperatures and attached sauna rooms alongside. We jumped from one pool to another and even after five hours of splashing and swimming we didn’t feel like going back. The entire experience was therapeutic and I felt all the jetlag and travel anxieties fade into oblivion. Summertime is exceptional as these spas have special themed parties and much merriment late into the night.