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Szimpla Kert

Dipu Darko
I wasn’t aware of the concept of ruin pubs prior to this visit but since I love ruins and old cities I decided to venture out to the best one. It was called Szimpla Kert or Simple Garden and was typically atmospheric and quaint and later I found out that it had been voted as one of the best ruin pubs in the world. There was also a place for open air cinema and a place for gatherings and exhibitions. I met plenty of travelers here who just couldn’t stop raving about the place. It was unique and I’m glad that I visited this place on my first visit itself.
Gulnur Sevinc
Actually the first night we went there, it was a crowded place with lots of people in a wide age range.since we were very very tired, we just drank some palinka and ate carrot. (the girl selling the carrots was very cute, we could not stand against her charm) and gone to hostel. ANYWAY we have gone there one more time for the market place. It was very very great. All kind of cheeses,jams,peanut butters( yummy) were being sold there. I guess it was a sunday. There was also some a vocal and a saxophonist playing live. We really enjoyed that jazzy market atmosphere.