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Candolim Beach

Day 3 : Its new year and after watching the fireworks and having new year drinks at baga shacks, we went to candolim beach for late night dinner. It was so peaceful then, with subtle music not like baga which was so electrified and loud, we had a blissful and peaceful late night dinner, best new year in my life.
Nikhil Talwar
Gauri Raghuwanshi
We got up packed our bags and checked out and headed to Candolim beach as we were left with 3-4 hours. It was quite sunny that day and the beach was all empty just 5 girls got lost in their own world with the mesmerizing view. Just dancing on the beach sitting, clicking enjoying the tides touching our feet. That day, our last day, tons of memories, and cheers to our friendship.
Debadrita Basak
After reaching there, I didn't find it that happening. So I went to a shack where I ordered for a pint of beer and Grilled Mackerel Fish.After finishing my food and drink I headed towards my next destination - Calangute Beach.After reaching there, I saw shacks were superbly decorative and colourful. Most of the shacks had a combination of Yellow and Red that made me think of our very own East Bengal Flag. Anyway, I found a place and settled myself to have my next drink of the day.