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Candolim Beach

Jenn Rumao
Our first stop had to be candolim beach. Though it is really close to calangute/Baga, it's unlike them. You will find more foreigners than Indians. We walked towards calangute for couple of minutes scouting for a place which is relatively empty and we can chill at. We stumbled upon one such place and ran to mark out territory there. We rented the beach bed for 50rs/hr- for each of them. The kind lady also offered us foot massage at 450rs for three of us. We happily decided to do foot massage. We spent hours lying on there without any care in the world.
Day 3 : Its new year and after watching the fireworks and having new year drinks at baga shacks, we went to candolim beach for late night dinner. It was so peaceful then, with subtle music not like baga which was so electrified and loud, we had a blissful and peaceful late night dinner, best new year in my life.
Nikhil Talwar