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Candolim Beach

15. Candolim BeachThis beach is famous for hosting Sunburn festival.
Himakshi Joshi
Next, we decided to visit the Candolim Beach. It is definitely amongst one of the most crowded beaches of North Goa, situated on the south of Calangute Beach. It is a fairly clean beach, good for taking a dip in the water to get a respite from the scorching Sun. There are numerous shacks lined along the shoreline, and we chose one to had lunch. The yummy food, coupled with the amazing weather and beautiful view, is definitely the best way one can have lunch, and I would choose that over any 5-star hotel anyday!
#perfect eveningI moved towards a Candolim beach. one of the famous and very classy beach in north Goa, due to new year season there was a rush but only quality rush, I enjoyed sea surfing, cans of beer and as usual clicks. this beach was full of foreigners.
Aswathy Nair
Regarding the Aguada fort, it was constructed in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. It was a reference point for the vessels coming from Europe at that time. This old Portuguese fort stands on the beach south of Candolim, at the shore of the Mandovi River. It was initially tasked with defense of shipping and the nearby Bardez sub district. The sea view form the fort is worthy. Dil Chahta Hai movie is shot in this Fort.
Nandana Nallapu
Goa - India's only spot where the bathing-season is on, 365 days a year. It is supposed to be visited with friends for booze and beaches, but as it turned out I booked tickets on a whim, because I wanted to go solo. And, it turned out pretty good! I booked budget hostels, not because I was on budget but because I was travelling alone and would need companions to go visit places or just hang out with. I didn’t want to do a whirlwind tour stretching from North Goa to South Goa, so I only picked two places to fully immerse myself in – Anjuna and Candolim. I avoided Baga on rule as it is very crowded.
Apart from usual stuff, I was looking for something different. I don't know about other folks but for me it was too crowded & commercialized (both Candolim & Baga beaches ). However I enjoyed a bit of water sports (Parasailing & Deep dive).
Vishal Tangirala
Goa is a place where the call rings out as the best tourist location in the country, and Goa uniquely has something to offer to every age group. Limited our stay to North Goa, and it was worth every second to be there. Candolim, Calangute & Baga, the Indian and crowded beaches, but the food on the shacks was just as good as the ones in town. (may be we were really lucky to hit the right places) Goa also is teaming with tattoo parlours at every nook and corner, and there are certainly some good ones. Got an elaborate tattoo inked at the Tattoo parlour at Brittos. All in all ... super fun :)Baga beach ... what's more to say but do visit Brittos for some lovely ambience, good food, nice music by the sea
neha garg
So we started searching for hotels in North Goa on and stumbled upon Ruffles Beach Resort, Candolim Beach. Its tariff was Rs. 6000 per night per room as per the website. But we bargained and closed the deal at Rs. 3000!! It had neat and clean, hygienic rooms with 2 swimming pools. The best thing about this hotel was its walking distance and easy accessibility to Candolim beach. Only bad thing was its highly pathetic food! But still we were very happy and relieved to find this one!Some tips regarding booking tickets for Sunburn festival: Sunburn generally lasts for minimum 3 days. There are different kinds of tickets available on like daily passes, Passes for all days, after party tickets, etc. Then there are early-entry passes as well which are cheaper but you have to enter the arena by 2-3 PM and re-entry is also restricted. We bought a pass valid for whole festival (3-day pass) in which entry or re-entry was permitted for through out the day and also allowed to attend 1 of the after-parties (whichever were valid with this pass) You can buy these tickets and passes at the venue also but availability is limited and also if you buy well in advance it will cost you cheaper! Food and drink coupons can also be booked through BMS and its better you do it. We bought them at the venue at higher rates! In case of people having VIP passes, there is a separate raised platform erected in middle of grounds where food and drinks are also served. Honestly, I did not find this as an advantage over the regular passes since real fun of enjoying such festivals is when you mingle with all of the mad crowd. Moreover this VIP lounge had only posh uncles and aunties drooling over each other! Some other tips:
knitha urs
Resort is located on main road and also just few minutes walk to the Candolim beach. Very well maintained property and every corner of the property has a Goan essence. Rooms are pretty small but loaded with all amenities inside. I was given a superior room and it also had an access to back yard.Spacious pool is one of the plus points here. I spent my entire birthday afternoon here, swimming and drinking lots of beer sitting in pool bar.Over all my stay at Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort was satisfactory. Staff were courteous and very well trained. Lemon Tree groups gives an employment opportunites to disabled people. I was very touched by this noble side of lemon tree group. Being a daughter of a disabled father, I understand the difficulty they go through everyday life. All they want is just an opportunity to overcome their weakness and lead normal life among everyone. I salute lemon Tree group for this noble act. I left one of my electronic item in room and I remembered about it after reaching Bangalore. I tweeted about it to lemon tree group, with in no time I got a call from Goa hotel staff and helped me out. As promised they sent it to Bangalore branch. I have'nt found time to go to their Bangalore branch hotel to pick it up. Hope I do it soon.
knitha urs
Few days prior to my travel plans, I read an article about Lemon tree groups and their policy of adopting stray dogs. I read about all of their stray dogs adopted across the country and living in lemon tree properties as a part of it. I instantly fell in love with lemon tree groups as I am a big time dog lover. When this travel plan was shaping in my mind, I just tried Googling about Lemon tree properties in Goa. To my luck, I found their property, exactly where I wanted. Without a second thought, I booked Lemon tree Amarante Beach Resort Condolim, north Goa. I also got a great deal and I booked directly from their website.
knitha urs
This time I decided to go to condolim,north Goa. I have experienced solitude of south Goa and chaotic north Goa like Baga,Calangute. This time I decided to stay towards Candolim as I never stayed in that part of Goa and also its not as crowded as other parts of north Goa.
Nishtha Narang
or the humble Fisherman's Cove in Candolim, you will end up licking the last morsel on the plate (or the plate itself).
k) Drove to LPK club near Candolim. Ambience is nice and music is cdecent. g) Back to hotel for a good night sleep. Day 2 (Friday)a) Drove to Mapusa for morning market b) Drove to Querim- about 45 min drive from mapusac) Explored Querim for sometime and then took a ferry to Tiracol villaged) Explored the fort (was once converted to hotel but not anymore) e) Drove to Arambol to explore the beachf) Lunch at Fellini Italiana restaurant (pretty cheap) , Arambol
I greatly prefer it to most places ‘on the beach’, with the exception of Rockheart, the beachside retreat of late adman Frank Simoes and his family, which is nestled in a quiet nook of Mandolin beach. It’s remarkable how much of the original Goa experience remains intact behind the tall boundary walls of this truly private villa experience – it has only three rooms to let.
Ishita Bhowmik
Post our initial settlement and getting ready phase, we headed to North Goa, towards Condolim for a dig at some Butter Garlic Prawns at La Brise and some drink sessions at Curlies on Anjuna.
Damini Aggarwal
This beach is calm, peaceful and less commercialized as compared to Baga and Calangute.
Vishal Tangirala
Nice clam quite beach when compared to its sister beaches Baga & Calangute. Lovely water sports like para sailing, Jet ski, and other activites