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Arundhati Bhunia
After having some rest, we drove for Agonda Beach. Towards Agonda, you will experience bunch of cliffs and mountainous elevations and the lush greenery all the way will blow senses and won't stop the admiration of South Goa grace.
prasoon padhye
Agonda is another small and pleasing locale in South Goa which boasts an exquisite long beach and is scarcely crowded but hosts a number of options to stay, dine and hang-out. We stayed at a small place called Monteiro’s, which isn’t far from beach, there was a tiny but neat and comfortable room accompanied by ample greenery and welcoming hosts. We walked to Agonda beach for dinner which wasn't too far, the beach was barely crowded than other places we had seen, it is a clean and peaceful beach with some huge waves.
Vinnie Singh
25. Watch the Agonda beach light up in the dark - You have to be really, really lucky to live this surreal experience. During monsoon, when the sky is a thick a blanket of clouds allowing no moonlight to pass through it, and when all beach shacks are closed, on dark nights you'll see the beach glow in the dark! Yes, you'll get to experience bioluminescence on the Agonda beach if you are there at the right time.That’s 25 things!This list is far from conclusive. I've only written about my most memorable experiences I think I'll have to write another blog to add to this list of South Goa experiences. How many of these have you had?Also, don't hesitate in reaching out to me if my blog's inspired you to visit South Goa and you need help planning your trip.Frequent searches leading to this page:-things to do in south Goa, what to do in south Goa, activities in south Goa, things to do in Goa, Goa tour packages, Goa tourism, Top Goa tour packages with price
Vinnie Singh
2. Watch the sunset from rocks on the Southern end of Agonda beach - Low-lying hills sit on both sides of the Agonda beach, and it is one of the many things which make Agonda so picturesque. The Southern end of the beach has a rounded hill and many rocks. Climb the rocks - go as far up as you can and watch the sun set right into the Arabian sea. The rocks on the beach are also home to many marine creatures - clams, molluscs, hermit crabs, etc. Some of the bigger, rounded, flat rocks also make a great spot for doing yoga. Just be careful on slippery surfaces.
Vinnie Singh
1. Chill at the bay of Agonda - Agonda, the most beautiful beach of South Goa boasts of a bay on its Northern end where the water is a bright emerald green because of the lush green vegetation around it. It is a great spot for photographs and it offers a vantage point from where you can trace the curve of the Agonda beach. The Bay Agonda is a hotel with a lovely rooftop restaurant where you have a couple of beers with a view of the bay.