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Pratyancha J Goyal
Had the breathtaking experience of the hot water balloon over Cappadocia during sunrise. The people in charge are well trained and know their job. One can see hundreds of balloons rise up almost together and it's an unforgettable experience.
Pratyancha J Goyal
Started our tour of Cappadocia with a visit to the Kaymakli Underground City; carved out of rock and completely self contained. More than 200 people lived here on each of the seven floors. Next was the natural citadel of Uchisar. Later, visited the Goreme Open-Air Museum, which is full of pink, rose and white tapering columns. The caves were settled in the 4th century as monasteries. The tour ended with visits to Pasabag Valley and Avonos Village.
Briony Gonsalves
Cappadocia – This place contains so much of history, there is so much about Christianity out here that it is also mentioned in the bible. This place is also known for the hot air balloon rides. There are many underground cities here and all homes and hotels are built within caves formed from the volcanic rock formations.The entire budget trip for 15 days cost us about Rs 1,00,000 – 1,20,000 per head including everything – airfare, stay, sightseeing, food, shopping (yes we did end up shopping a lot – went with a total of 5 bags and came back with 8 bags)This travelogue was first published by The Travel Kaleidoscope .
Ajay Jain
Day 8 (April 30): Cappadocia (includes breakfast)*Breakfast at Pamukkale*Drive through the Turkish countryside to Cappadocia (time taken to reach: 9 hours)*Overnight stay at Cappadocia Day 9 (May 1): Cappadocia (includes breakfast and lunch)Optional hot air balloon ride at dawn: Additional cost of US$180 – US$200 per person*Breakfast*Visit Devrent Valley This is the first real encounter with Cappadocia’s almost Martian landscape, where some amazing rock formations are visible.*Walk through the Zelve Open Air Museum This is one of the earliest inhabited and latest abandoned monastic settlements in Cappadocia where you will be able to see troglodyte dwellings.*Enjoy the magical experience of Pasabag’s ‘fairy chimneys’ (rock formations)*Pause at Avanos, a centre of terracotta art since 2,000 BC, for a demonstration in a traditional pottery workshop*Lunch at Avanos*After lunch, visit the Göreme Open Air Museum Did you know? The museum offers the best examples of Byzantine art in Cappadocia. These are found in rock-cut churches with frescoes and paintings dating from as early as the 10th century.*Visit the Uchisar Castle, which provides a panoramic view of the valleys of Cappadocia*In the evening, be spellbound by a whirling dervishes performance*Overnight stay at Cappadocia Day 10 (May 2): Cappadocia (includes breakfast and lunch)*Breakfast at TBD*Visit Soganli Valley This is an open-air museum in a wild natural setting near a typical Cappadocian village with its different style rock-cut churches and frescoes.*Drive to Mustafapasa through the unspoiled villages of Cappadocia, surrounded by ‘table-top’ mountains*On the way, visit the Keslik Monastery near Cemil village, which hides its frescoes behind a very thin smoke layer which can only be seen by torch light*Lunch, hosted by a local family, at an old Greek house in Mustafapasa*After lunch, descend towards the centre of the earth with a trip to Kaymakli Underground City It is one of one of the largest and deepest of Cappadocia’s many such settlements.*End the day with a 5 km hike along the Red Valley, one of the most breathtakingly and mysteriously beautiful valleys in the region Did you know? The valley, with its fabulous volcanic rock formations, is in the heart of Cappadocia but at an appreciable distance from mainstream tourist haunts. The little chapels of the hermits, carved out of the valley walls, lend a spiritual dimension to the beauty of the valley.*Overnight stay in Cappadocia Day 11 (May 3): Includes breakfast*Breakfast*Depart for Istanbul*Transfer from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Ataturk Airport for your international flightSPECIAL OFFER FOR TRIPOTO COMMUNITY: Rs. 5,000 OFF. Use Promo Code TRIPTURK0116 when you call. Valid till February 15, 2016Profile of Shibani Vig – Trip Curator & LeaderWith an army man for a father, Shibani has been on the move as far back as she can remember. Her adult life has been dominated by planning vacations to her dream places, and saving every penny she ever earned to make these plans work. An avid (and obsessive as some would say) planner of vacations and itineraries, she felt the need for an outfit like Wonderful World to satisfy her own need – of like-minded company to travel with. One of the most memorable experiences was the time she spent in Lahaul and Spiti, travelling and living with the locals. She is currently chasing two dreams simultaneously – learning how to play the piano and making a living out of travelling.
Nikita Anand
Krupali Jhobalia
This magical flinstones land feels like you're entering into another planet! Its breathtaking! Frankly even 3 days didn't do justice. Rock-filled vistas rise up to greet the eye at every turn: Valleys overflowing with fairy chimneys. Minaret-shaped pillars sculpted by centuries of wind and water. Cave houses carved into steep hillsides. Cave churches with ancient frescoes. Cave cities that once sheltered ancient residents from invading armies. It is more accurate to say Cappadocia is defined by its rock, which spewed from an intense extended period of volcanic eruption. 1. Most hotels offer cab ride from the airport, by paying 10 Euros per head. This is the best way to enter the city. 2. Hot-air ballooning is one of Cappadocia's signature activities (totally worth the money), and good weather is a prerequisite. The weatherman is forecasting perfect conditions for ballooning and taking photos -- clear skies, light winds and mild temperatures. See the stunning volcanic landscape and views of the Cappadocia relief, a high plateau standing more than 3,281 feet (1,000 meters) above sea level, during your 1-hour flight. Opt for one of these balloon companies and preferably always the first flight: (110-150 Euros) i) Butterfly Balloons ii) Royal Balloon iii) Cappadocia Voyager Balloons iv) Kapadokya Balloons 3. Head to Avanos, where you'll participate in a pottery-making workshop. As you create your own pottery masterpiece, learn about the ancient art of pottery-marking in Turkey. 4. Another option is to do this with either a mountain bike, an ATV/Quad or on horseback - SUNSET ATV PRICE = 40TL for 1 hour, 60 TL for 2 hours BICYCLE PRICE = 5TL for 1 hour, 20TL for the day HORSE PRICE = I think it is 70TL for 2 hours. 5. Hit as many valleys as you can or take your time meandering through one. Be sure to bring a camera, some water, and good hiking boots. This is not mountain climbing but the ground can be a bit slippery from the sandy stone ground. I would totally skip the underground city and opt for the following hikes which can be done independently, either as day hikes or linking them together and free camping somewhere. If you prefer to go with a guide, I recommend getting in touch with licensed tour guide easily available at the Goreme city center. i) Pigeon & Love Valleys (3.5- 5 hours) ii) Rose and Red Valleys (2.5-5 hours, depending on which path you choose) iii) Zemi Valley (2-3 hours) iv) Uchisar Castle 6.Must try places to eat will be Debek, Ocak Vegan and Rasoi Indian restaurant.
Ugur Yavuzturk
Day 5: Cappadocia. Full day sightseeing of the villages of, Uchisar with panoramic views of the Cappadocian valleys, Zelve-the valley of the fairy chimneys, and the Goreme Valley. There are several hundred churches in this area, some of which are decorated with inscribed frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible or the Apocrypha. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. Includes: (Breakfast, Dinner).
Alexandra Pucherelli
Turkey has many UNESCO World Heritage sites but Cappadocia might be its most unique. Cappadocia is famous for its geological formations. The country side around the area is made up of “fairy chimneys” and one of Turkey’s must do activities is Hot-Air Ballooning over Cappadocia. If you have ever dreamed of riding a hot air balloon and find yourself in Turkey, you need to make this dream a reality. Drifting over this other worldly landscape is like no other experience. I was amazed how quiet and peaceful the ride was, even a mile above the the earths surface.
Sezen Sayoglu
Spread across the middle of Turkey like a lunar landscape, Cappadocia is home to a bizarre field of anthill-like cones, rock-hewn churches and underground cities where Christians once hid to avoid persecution. It is a spectacular sight and one that has captivated travelers for centuries. First visit to Kaymakli Underground City; carved out of rock and completely self contained. More than 200 people lived on each of seven floors. Next will be the natural citadel of Uchisar. The Goreme Open-Air Museum, which is full of pink, rose and white tapering columns is not to be missed. The caves were settled in the 4th century as monasteries. Wander to the nearby Pasabag Valley and Avonos Village and survey the fantastic panaroma