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Kali Ka Tibba

== Admire scenic views from Kali Ka Tibba Temple == Through the thick forest of pine and deodar, located at the top most hill of Chail resides this renowned tourist place of Himachal, Kali ka Tibba in Chail is a small yet attractive temple in the peaceful vicinity amidst hills with Kali as the main deity in the temple. This temple offers a spectacular view of Shivalik Ranges and Choor Chandni peaks.
Himakshi Joshi
There are many temples in the surrounding areas but we decided to visit the Kali ka Tibba, the temple of goddess Kali. It is located atop a hill, with absolutely nothing surrounding the temple, except a few trees and planted greenery. It is an absolutely serene place, and even if you're not religious, it is a must visit place for its breathtaking view and calm and peaceful environs.
I got up at 5.15 AM the next morning and went to Kali Ka Tibba temple. It was a beautiful hike from Chail and the best part was getting accompanied by a dog for my complete to and fro hike. Passing through dense pine forests, oakwood trees and enjoying the first rays of sun on my way, this is one go the best walks I ever had. You can read about the walk and my trip with Sheru(the dog) in one of my short stories , A Walk To Remember.
Enjoying his company, I walk behind him, through the rough patches and messy shortcuts covered with dense shrubs. In the next 25 minutes, we are here at the temple and the scene here is spectacular. The sun has just taken its thrown and is weaving magic with its rays shining amidst the colony of clouds.
The 360 degree panoramic view from Kali Ka Tibba is breathtaking and ideal for photography enthusiasts. The Kali temple situated on the peak is old and famous in Chail and you could find locals on the trail throughout the year. The views of the Choor Chandni and Shivalik Range from the peak are pure finds for nature lovers.Visiting the highest cricket ground in the world.
Neha jain
Kali ka tibba, chail. Situated at the top of a hill, Kali Ka Tibba is a popular must see place in Chail. The main deity of the temple is Kali Devi who attracts a lot of pilgrims and tourists from all across the world. You may enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Choor Chandni and Shivalik Range from the temple.
Bhupender  Singh
Wheneverone talks about Chail, what I had heard (like most og you ) was, "Chail palace" & "Highest cricket ground in Asia".However, This time I explored the place called " Kali ka tibba" at 2250 mts altitude. A calm,serence place, beautiful view all arrounfd being the top most point of that hill. Very neat ,well maintained mainly due to the fact that no shops are allowed in the campus, you get prasad only from temple pujari.
Nancy Nance
Locate at the top of a mountain, it's a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. One can enjoy the breathtaking view of the hills on reaching the top.