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Once there took place a very sad incident. There was a woman here named LiKai who was married to a very nice man who was a porter and after a few months of marriage she also gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sadly after a few days, her husband died while carrying iron to Sylhet. She was left all alone without any support and a little girl to feed along with herself. Finding no other option she also took up the job of a porter. Since she was having no time at all to look after her daughter she was remarried. After this also she had no time to look after her husband or her daughter. Her husband grew angry and one day out of frustration he killed the little girl and cooked her as a meal. When LiKai was back home she could not see her daughter but instead of looking for her she decided to have the meal which look very good. After she had finished and was going to take a betel leaf, she found a severed little finger and soon understood what had happened. She lost her senses immediately and went mad. She kept on running and at the end jumped in this waterfall. After this the local people named it NohKaLiKai in which Noh means jump of, Ka is the term used for Meghalayan women and LiKai is the name. So, it means Jump of KaLiKai. This is at present a popular tourist attraction where you will find beautiful sceneries. The force of the waterfalls is maximum during the summers and monsoon and least during the winters.
Aditi Munjal
Noh-Ka-Likai Falls – We started our day visiting Noh-Ka-Likai Falls – it is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and a must visit places of Cherrapunji. I wandered there and found steps leading to the valley which offered more spectacular views. I still remember how amazed I was standing in between those meadows (felt as if, I was in a wonderland). We had lunch (boiled rice with chicken curry) watching the waterfall.Mawsmai Cave – Located 6 km from Cherrapunji, the Mawsmai Caves are a major crowd puller that will leave you spellbound. Inside the cave you will find creative structures by nature that will definitely excite you. Remember, you need to bend at lot of places and squeeze yourself to move inside the cave.
Darshan H. Ranpara
We bought tickets to view Nohkalikai falls and reached a spot from where the falls were nicely visible from very far distance. As it was off season, there was just a small stream of water dropping from the falls but the atmosphere there was awesome to watch. I wished I could go near the place of falls but only trekkers can do that. However, we clicked some memory pics and then returned to Shillong after a memorable journey of lifetime.This post was originally published on Travel Shillong's Blog.
shishir gowda
The roads leading to cherrapunjee are great, with winding roads, and amazing views. That is if you can see anything when the fog/clouds clear. This is one thing that we learnt in school which turned out to be true, "It always rains in cherrapunjee". You see a lot of water falls, and at cherrapunjee town, take the extreme right(small uphill road) to visit the 7 sister falls. Try to eat a lot of the local berries and fruits being sold (black berry and pineapple..)
We enjoyed the stroll there in the clouds , at times it would be sunny and soon the entire place would be all misty. We enjoyed every road and every rock.When you are with friends you cannot stop yourself of being stupid.
Gunjan Upreti
The name of the falls in Khasi language means "Jump of Ka Likai" and is linked to a legend about a local woman Likai, who jumped off the cliff next to the falls. Nohkalikai Falls is categorised as a plunge waterfall, which means that the water loses contact with the rock as it pours over a cliff on the edge of the Himalayas. The tallest of its kind in India, Nohkalikai is fed by rainwater collected in the forested plateau above, so its volume changes dramatically according to the time of year.
1 of the longest waterfalls in the world. Beautiful! this falls got its name from the agony of a mother who jumped of from this cliff on realizing that her husband her killed her daughter.
A wonder of nature. The undulating hills and the lush green forest covering it. This waterfalls is a wonder of nature.
Subhrajyoti Parida
Nohkalikai Falls, a popular water fall @ Cherrapunji
Karandeep Mehra
We head out again to a waterfall. Perhaps while reading this, it struck me that for a trip to a culturally diverse and virtually unrepresented area, my trip would be centered around people, after all how many waterfalls can one see? But while you are there, the repetition of visiting waterfalls and water-bodies doesn’t strike you as much. Instead, it’s what you want to do, not what you have to. The water-bodies and falls themselves tell you a little something about the people, about their stories. The same holds true for the NohkaLikai falls, the name itself comes from the name of a mother, whose new husband, jealous of the wife’s child from before their marriage, kills the daughter and feeds her to the mother. The mother maddened by grief jumps from the precipice of the fall. Thus, the name of the deepest plunge waterfall in India, Nohkalikai or from where fell Ka Likai. The story tinges the beauty of the place with a grimness and melancholy perhaps, but doesn’t in anyway reduce it.