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Nohkalikai Falls

Once there took place a very sad incident. There was a woman here named LiKai who was married to a very nice man who was a porter and after a few months of marriage she also gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sadly after a few days, her husband died while carrying iron to Sylhet. She was left all alone without any support and a little girl to feed along with herself. Finding no other option she also took up the job of a porter. Since she was having no time at all to look after her daughter she was remarried. After this also she had no time to look after her husband or her daughter. Her husband grew angry and one day out of frustration he killed the little girl and cooked her as a meal. When LiKai was back home she could not see her daughter but instead of looking for her she decided to have the meal which look very good. After she had finished and was going to take a betel leaf, she found a severed little finger and soon understood what had happened. She lost her senses immediately and went mad. She kept on running and at the end jumped in this waterfall. After this the local people named it NohKaLiKai in which Noh means jump of, Ka is the term used for Meghalayan women and LiKai is the name. So, it means Jump of KaLiKai. This is at present a popular tourist attraction where you will find beautiful sceneries. The force of the waterfalls is maximum during the summers and monsoon and least during the winters.
Nohkalikai Falls: This is one of the tallest waterfalls in Northeast India. Again access to the base of this fall is followed by a beautiful trek but that's completely optional. All you can do is click a few instagrammable photos and stories and then back to the roads again.Seven sisters Fall: This is another beautiful waterfall in Meghalaya. You can again click a few instagramable pictures and then hit the roads to go straight ahead to Mawsmai cave.Mawsmai cave: There is a network of underground caves which is full of beautiful and sometimes scary stalactites and stalagmites. There is a short trail through the forest to reach the main entrance of the cave. This hike takes you through some stunning views of the valley that is full of waterfalls during monsoons. There are a few food joints where you can have lunch and proceed to Mawsynram.Mawsynram: Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in the world. You can expect the monsoon and gloomy weather with a little drizzle here. The fog and the cloud cover the entire region and better to carry a raincoat or umbrella while traveling to this place.Eco Park: This place is at the center of Cherrapunji with a pleasant scenic attribute and weather. You can stroll in the park and click a few good photos and spend a good time here alone or the partner you're traveling with. I would suggest visiting this place at the end because after the hustle-bustle you need a place to sit peacefully.By the end of the day, you can arrive at Cherrapunji for the night's stay. By the evening you can expect chilly weather in this town so pack your clothes accordingly.Day 4Get up early in the morning and get geared up to hit the road for Dawki. In the entire trip on this road, you gonna pass through a scenic highway and experience a truly dreamy vibe. On the way, you'll pass through Mawkdok valley and Mawlynnong village. Mawkdok valley: En route Cherrapunji-Shillong highway you'll pass through the Mawkdok Dympep Valley, which is one of the most beautiful stretches of the valley in this region. You can experience zip lining across the valley. You can spend some time here and then hit the roads for Mawlynnong Village. Mawlynnong Village: This is one of the most beautiful villages in entire North-east India. Mawlynnong village is termed as "the cleanest village in Asia' and you'll get mesmerized by the cleanliness and waste management system by the tribe. You can have your lunch here and then head straight to Dawki. Dawki: Dawki is located at the border of Bangladesh and has the cleanest water from the Umngot river. The glass-like water is the center of attraction in this place. You can do fishing and kayaking on the Dawki river and spend a very good time in this place. There are a couple of homestays you can look out for, else you can head to Shnongpdeng which is approximately 10kms away, and opt for camping. Day 5After breakfast, get geared up and hit the road for Shillong via Krang-Suri Waterfalls, Phe Phe falls, Tyrshi falls, and Elephant Falls. The entire stretch is about 125 km which is pretty much coverable easily before the sunset.Krangsuri Waterfalls: This is one of the most Instagramable places in Meghalaya. The water of this huge waterfall plugs down to a slight turquoise-colored natural pool. There is a cave on the back of the fall which is even more popular. To get access to the pool, you need to walk down a bit from the main road. Spend some time there and after a bunch of good photos get back to the roads for Phe Phe Falls. Phe Phe Falls: It is a beautiful yet under-rated waterfall in Meghalaya. You need to walk down for almost 10 minutes to get to the foot of this huge waterfall. Trust me, it is absolutely worth the trek. After spending some time, hit the road for Tyrshi falls in the outskirts of Jowai.Tyrshi falls: It is another wonderful yet under-rated waterfall in the state of Meghalaya. You need to walk downhill to reach the fall. After clicking a few photos, hit the road to Elephant falls.Elephant Falls: It is a two-tier waterfall situated on the outskirts of Shillong city. You have to walk for 10 minutes to get into the viewpoint. It is one of the most common tourist places in Shillong.After visiting the Elephant falls, head back to Shillong city and stay there at night. You can explore the local market a bit and experience a few cafes I have already mentioned.Day 6Get geared up for heading back to Guwahati. After breakfast, you can visit St. Mary Cathedral and Wards lake. The Guwahati-Shillong road is one of the scenic roads in India I have already mentioned before.Take lunch breaks and pee breaks as per convenience. By late afternoon you gonna arrive at Guwahati. Explore the local market a bit and take a rest.Next morning you can opt for the flight or train to your nearest location.Trust me, Meghalaya has so much to offer to a traveler. Wish you a safe trip ahead!You can rent a bike from here : rentals : hotel/homestay at Cherrapunji: and many more.
Things to do: Waterfall hopping, caving, trekking, hikingPlaces to explore: Dainthlem falls, Wei Saw Dong falls, Nohkalikai falls, Garden of Caves, Arwah CaveNot to be missed: Wei Saw Dong falls, Nohkalikai falls (the tallest plunge waterfall in India with a height of 350 metres.).Stay Recommendation: There are many beautiful homestay options available. We recommend you stay with locals and enjoy their warm hospitality and lip-smacking food. We met some of the amazing people during our stay.
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After looking at the waterfall from the top, we decided to go down and touch the sparkling bluish water (Trekking Bug🥴😅). Jungle Trek to Nohkalikai falls Cherrapunji #throwback1440hrs: We started the trek. We took the stairs for the next 10 minutes. To our surprise, there were no stairs or proper trails afterwards. So, we did the next 75% of the trek on a jungle trail in the Khasi hills.1600hrs:Descending was easy and took around 80 minutes to reach the bottom of waterfall.That day was full of surprises.Two of our hostel mates(from Gibbon backpacker Guwahati) were already there, stuck. We were able to spend only 40 minutes down there,as it started getting dark(it gets dark quite early in Cherrapunji). 1645hrs: We started heading back to the top. It got dark after 30 minutes of hiking(still a long way to go).It became quite tricky because of the confusing jungle trails and darkness (which played its role well😅). I had a torch(thank god😄). At some points, it was literally a straight climb and our friend Mary had to struggle to get through. It was a dense dark jungle-so we decided to stick together and move slowly. Apart from us, there were certainly no signs of human being(can't tell about the wildlife though). The plants with thorns, spines, and prickles were unforgiving.I accidentally touched them for a grip while ascending only to end up having painful sensations. (Later numb hands🥴) 2000hrs: Finally, after a strenuous hike of about 3hrs in the jungle, we reached the top, covered in sweat(&blood😅).
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Nohkhalikai Falls is the tallest plunge waterfall located in Cherrapunji of Meghalaya. It is certainly India's tallest plunge waterfall that falls from an altitude of 1,115 ft. There is a pool of water that gets formed from the falls and it appears to be greenish in colour. Surrounded by lush green and misty clouds, the waterfall is mostly rain fed.This mystic fall that makes every vistor admire it's beauty is sadly tagged with a tragic legend. It's name 'Nokhalikai' is basically a khasi word which means "Jump of Ka Likai". In the Khasi language, 'Ka' means female gender and 'Likai' is the protagonist of the horrifying story that you are just about to read.Story of Nohkalikai Falls:Story goes like this...There was once a young mother whose name was Likai and she used to stay in the village of Rangjyrteh, which is located near this waterfall. She became a widow at an early age and so she had to take up her husband's job in order to sustain. She had a little baby who she could not give her full attention to. Other women in the village suggested her to get married as they thought the baby needed a father. Unfortunately, the man she got married to turned put to be an insecure man who did something absolutely horrendous. One day, as the wife entered the home, she found her husband had cooked a hearty meal for her. She ate her meal while she thought her baby was at their neighbourhood. Once she was done with her meal, she looked around for her daughter but couldn't find her at all.I hope you see where this tragic story is going. The man was so envious of the baby that he chopped her off and cooked her for the meal that he fed to Likai. The moment Likai came across the basket of leaves to eat her routine betel leaves and nuts after her meals, she saw a tiny finger that she knew belonged to her daughter. Petrified and enraged by realising what had happened, she ran and ran till she reached the edge of the falls and jumped to her own death. Due to this legend, it is named as Nohkalikai Falls.It is a sad, sad story and the origin of the name puts us in shock but you just cannot stop yourselves from visiting the falls since is it nature at its best. Northeast is blessed to have such amazing places that will only keep you mesmerized.