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September - February
Couples, Families
26 out of 116 attractions in Colombo

Beira Lake

Anupama Gupta
After de-boarding, the first thing we did was to have extremely sweet tea by the lake in Colombo; it was already about 6:00PM. The view of Beira Lake was quite refreshing and helped us replenish our enthusiasm as also helped me decide that I would be re-scheduling my flight to 5th Morning rather than 4th! Once that was taken care our we bought our fix of booze and proceeded to our hotel.We stayed at West Inn Colombo which is a boutique hotel and after much haggling with the owner, we 4 were allowed to stay in a single room and it cost us 2900INR (45USD). The hotel is super clean with good interiors. The owner is friendly and helpful and is very concerned about his property being treated properly.Nights in colombo can be dicey with very few places which the tuk tuk walas would take you in the name of a night club. It being another friend’s birthday we landed up at Bally’s Casino. After spending whatever little our pockets could afford to burn we proceeded to party. The tuk tuk guy lead us to Cleopatra Night Club which turned out to be a dance bar! There was an entry fee to the club which was not cover but it turned out to be a one of a kind experience; we even ended dancing to a lot of Bollywood Songs :)
The Buddhas everywhere were a beautiful sight inspite of the rains but I had no clue what I was looking at. And then there was a room filled with glass cupboards and many things inside them kept shabbily... even a shelf full of watches.. and sunglasses. Again.. dirty, dusty and unexplained. The temple by the lake was a bit more serene but full of people sleeping all over the floors. And the last stop at the Beira Lake was even more dreadful, with lovers making the best of the rain and umbrellas all over the benches and canopy. Oblivious to the monitors who lurched all over the lazy, wet grass. I walked with my eyes digging the walking path around the little island as lovers made sudden movements of adjustments.. haha!