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Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo
tejaswini pagadala
Staying the first day in Negombo (30 km from Colombo), we visited Gangamaraya Temple in the capital city which has the hair relic of Buddha. This temple is worth a visit for the number of Buddhas it has and to understand the Buddhist culture. Later, we visited Galle Face in Colombo, facing the Indian Ocean. (The viewpoint is perfect for Sunset). So, our itinerary began with a 3.5-hour train from Colombo to Galle with an Ocean-side view. The journey is a photographer's delight and landscapes that greet you along the way will compel you to plan for your retirement home in Sri Lanka. That surreal and picturesque. Reminisces of Dutch Colonial Era
. Gangaramaya Temple is one of the most important temples in Colombo. The temple's architecture demonstrates an eclectic mix of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Chinese architecture. The Old Colombo Dutch Hospital (known as The Dutch Hospital ) is considered to be the oldest building in the Colombo Fort area dating back to the Dutch colonial era in Sri Lanka. 
Rahul Basak
Colombo is pot-pourri of Dutch Heritage which can be felt in The Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct or the Christian Reformed Church, Sinhalese Culture that the famous Gangaramaya Temple exudes and a booming cosmopolis in its various casinos, tea cafes & delectable bakeries.. 
Antara Sen
The museum allows you to trace the history of the Sinhalese people. We also visited the GanaramaVihara temple which is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in this country.