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Mallika Hatimuria
Where to shop?Odel
It doesn’t hurt that Sri Lanka is a manufacturing hub for some of the biggest high street and premium brands in the world and factory rejects often find their way into upscale stores here. Best shopping picks are Beverly Street and Odel. For some Sri Lankan weaves do visit Barefoot. 
Pritha Puri
the next day we went on a little shopping tour around Colombo and our favorite was Odel! situated in one of sri Lanka's posh area's odel is like wall-mart with different brands exclusive only of sri Lanka. after half a day of shopping and munching on yummy pasta at their restaurants inside, we headed off back to our place of stay and decided to ditch dinner that the land lady would have offered us. we went for some interesting dining options on the beach and chose a shack where we ate some really good food and drank many sangria's! the beach at night is delightful... however one should always be careful for the bugs and creatures that decide to venture out on the sand at night.
Tanvi S
House Of Fashion - Our driver Mr. Gamini took us to the fashion store in Colombo. This place is very famous among locals. The entrance of the mall is very tricky. You have to walk through a very small cafe that leads to a small door and after you are in its a huge shopping mall.Odel - Another fashion hub.
Kanksha Mehta
I am an artist myself and I can very easily see why such an environment can not only inspire the eye but spark up hidden creativity. I finished lunch and low and behold, I was in for the most choice pleasure of my Sri Lankan, Colombo escapade. If you guessed shopping, you know me all too well by now. It was a dream and dare I say, my best shopping experience to date. I cannot get over this gorgeous store. The first example of retailing in Sri Lanka, it’s first true department store and to this day, its finest: ODEL. I will never forget my afternoon at ODEL, No 5, Alexandra Place, Colombo 7.How could I? ODEL is colonial architecture entwined with modern luxury, lush foliage in a courtyard setting, with an open ceiling looking up to the clear blue Sri Lankan sky on a perfect day. 33,000 square feet of shopping heaven; comparable to Harrods & Selfridges in London.Need I say more? I give you my word, it is 360 degrees of decadence, I shopped till I almost dropped. But even with the abundance and my bags of goodies, what I take most pleasure in is my ODEL signature fragrance. My fragrance collection ranges to approximately 70 bottles in all but my ODEL scent, well, every time I take the lid off, just a whisk of it takes me right back. I must say, my Sri Lankan journey was off to a sparkling start. But I was falling in love with Colombo and was a bit poignant to leave. Alas, such is the jet setting life, never in one place too long. I have a saying, that when a place or person pulls at your heartstrings too hard, it is time to cut those strings loose; heartbreaking as it may be. It was time to be welcomed by the rest of Lanka.
preeti talwar
ODEL: One stop, where you can add anything and everything to your shopping cart is at their very own brand “Odel”. The intoxicating room of perfumes welcomes you the minute you step into this shopping empire. Spritz and splash of sprays makes you want to pick up your favorite Nina Ricci or Estelle Lauder the minute you see them. Sauntering across this little room of fragrance, you are lead into the fashion and clothing section. Never ending options to choose from will keep you occupied for hours. Clothes done, perfumes done, now we come to the section of shoes and bags. And from there the Body Shop and funky accessories store calls on to you.Finally last but the most important stop is their small coffee shop serving the best and the yummiest desserts along with pretty little winery where in you can take a break from all the shopping and sip on some White wine. “Odel” pretty much covers your need and desire for shopping in Colombo, leaving you with ample time to explore and unwind in their innumerable food destinations. There are quite a few that one should not give a miss while vacationing here.OLD COLOMBO DUTCH HOSPITAL:Considered to be the oldest building in Colombo Fort area, this huge piece of land has been transformed into a shopping and dining zone. It’s design reflects the Dutch colonial architecture and is an ideal place to spend your evenings.HARPO’S COLOMBO FORT CAFE: