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Taj Samudra

Rajesh Thiagarajan
Few Selfies and Free WiFi's were the norm and that was how the day turned out to be.We finally boarded the flight around Sat 12:40 AM. It was a tolerable 90 minute flight and we reached the Bandaranaike International Airport around the wee hours. We were then escorted to the Taj Samudra Hotel in a cushy private bus.I had a tug-of-war with my sleep as I do not want to miss what's in store for us. I refused to close my eyes in the bus even though it is as early as 02:00 AM. I wanted to see how Sri Lanka is and what better chance than to gaze, sitting in the window seat and trying to capture and process every detail in my head.This is my first luxury hotel experience and to spice it up, things became aces. My room was not available at the moment i checked in and they offered me a suite room. I couldn't believe my luck and I happily accepted the offer cosily and I headed straight to slumber.
Colombo is a city with mood swings, the mornings and afternoons are relatively quiet while evenings suddenly seem to pick up pace. From shopping at Odel to a night out at the club at the Taj Samudra coupled with a noisy casino, i doubt we just took a minute to sit it out. What a contrast from Bentota.Sometimes a place is not about where you live or what car you travel in, it’s about what it makes you feel. I feel every city, country has a personality and they all manage to touch you in someway or the other. Whether it was Bentota for my soul or Colombo for the city slicker in me, I’m definitely going back someday, so many places…such little time.Do check out my blog on: http://thetravelbunny000.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/sri-lanka-sojourn/