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Gardens of Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s relatively newer gardens, but some of the plants here are the oldest you can find in the city; another example of just how much Singapore enjoys its superlatives. As you enter, you see three of the much-talked-about SuperTrees (there are 18 altogether). The OCBO Skyway at 22m, connects two of them and gives you a stunning aerial view of the SuperTree Grove and the surrounding gardens. The Meadow, Singapore’s largest outdoor venue, is a great place for a picnic in the cool evenings or to catch a concert while the Heritage Gardens display the importance of plants in Singapore’s main cultures, Malay, Chinese, Indian and colonial. But, for us, the highlights were the two Domes, the Flower Dome with thousand-year-old olive trees from Spain and Baobabs from the Mediterranean; and the Cloud Forest Dome with tropical plants and a dramatic, artificial 35m mountain and waterfall. If you want to grab a bite there are quite a few options here. You could head to the restaurants located at the top of the SuperTrees or to Pollen, a Mediterranean restaurant in the Flower Dome, but our favorite venue was Satay by the Bay, a string of eateries serving local delights located just by the reservoir.