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Sagnik Basu
The mosque has a good setting placed in a small garden and burials in front. In front of all this is a huge lake excavated during the time of the Nawabs and provides a great setting all throughout the year. Unfortunately this is yet to be taken over by ASI and not maintained well. The Motijheel Mosque and cemetery has a very important place in the history of Murshidabad. Mawazesh Md. Khan, son-in-law of Nawab Ali Vardi Khan and subedar of then Bengal, Bihar and Odisha, and Ekramoddulla, younger brother of Nawab Sirajuddullah, are buried here. Motijheel is a horse-shoe shaped lake. And in a palace adjoining it, which now lie in ruins, was the home of Warren Hastings when he became the political president at the Durbar of the Nawab Nazim. The tombs lie to the east of the mosque.