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I planned to visit the grand and beautiful cities of Austria....

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This is the charm of ‘Kitzbühel’, a valley town situated in the ‘Tyrol’ region of Austria surrounded by Alps with a population of just about 8,000....

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My trip was coming to an end and I was headed to the last stop in my itinerary - Vienna. I took a shuttle again from CK to get to Vienna. The drive from CK to Vienna was even better than the earlier drive from Salzburg to CK. We were mostly driving through countryside roads, and I really can't describe how scenic the drive was. I don't have pictures either; but there are few things which are best left to experience.The first look of Vienna, a city, was quite underwhelming. Honestly, I saw very little of Vienna. I guess I was a bit tired physically and Vienna really paled in comparison to all the natural beauty I had seen in the past few days.The little I saw however is in the pictures below.


Salzburg is famous for a number of things, but most of all as the birthplace of Mozart and the location for Sound of Music. Using the Salzburg card is a good way to travel and see Salzburg, as it gives a one time access to the city's museums and palaces and also unlimited travel on its buses.The first morning in Salzburg, I made a trip to Mt. Untersberg. What I was expecting to be a simple cable car ride to the top, turned out to be much more. While at the top, one can walk around, soaking in the breathtaking view of the Alpine landscape.



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