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Dhankar Lake

*After a trek of approx 2 km from Dhankar monastery we reached Dhankar lake (14010 ft).
Akshay Kumar
Dankhar (3870 m.) the old capital of Spiti is a large village built on a spur or bluff which stands out into the main valley and ends in a precipice. It rises 300 m above the river. It stands above Sichling on the left bank of the Spiti river which is wide here. There may perhaps once have been a fort here, but no trace of it was seen except for what seemed to be a large house on the top of the hill. Dankhar was capital of Spiti for many years till needs of the modern day saw the capital shifted to Kaja Kaza. Situated on the ridge it would have been very easy to defend this place. I was told stories about how the lamas sat in the monastery or the upper houses throwing stones at invaders. Life was very simple before the days of bullets! The whole place is very picturesque. As I approached it, I could see its corridors cut in the rock face leading to various chambers which are either used as store rooms for the villagers or as rest-houses for the travellers. There are seven tiers of houses built along the slope. . . . Now it is connected by a rough, motorable road and is 27 km from Kaja. Towards the west of it is the Pin Valley.
Digdarshinee Rout
Dhankar Lake-A spellbinding offbeat Journey!But you know what all the huffing and puffing seemed worth it as I was able to see that breathtaking view. The lake is surrounded by snow-clad mountains at a stretch. We sat on the bank of the lake for an hour or so and soaked all the beauty of nature inside. It was beaaaauuuuuuuuuuutiful!We clicked a few pictures and flew our drone there too. Also, we noticed that the lake changes its color from every angle and that’s why you should not miss this magical lake if you are in Spiti.TIPs-1. It’s a high altitude trek, so make sure we wear the grippiest shoes.2. You may get Altitude sickness, carry camphor.3. Carry a bottle of water.4. Start early and reach the origin by sunset.5. Do not trek this lake on the first day.Things to do in Spiti valley-Moon lake/Chandrataal lake3. Camping at Chandrataal lake:-Is there anyone on this entire planet who is unknown by the fact that Chandrataal lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in India? Well, I am getting upset while writing this as we were not lucky enough to visit this enchanting lake because Kunzum Pass was not yet opened due to critical weather conditions which obviously broke my heart. But nevertheless, it will be on my list until I mark it ‘done’.However, let me tell you how you can make the most out of this crescent-shaped lake when you are in Spiti valley.How to reach this Divine Lake?The lake is 6kms from Kunzum pass, you can trek or you can reach the lake by car as well. As you trek, you will pass through two big mountain ranges Moulkila and Chandrabhaga. Be ready to baffle yourself with the view larger than life. The bewitching sight will surely leave you to feel/sense life and nature within yourself. So, allow yourself to get lost into it.If you are a vehement trekker or an ardent nature lover, you are going to love this journey.The most enchanting lake in the Himalayas.As you reach the lake, you can see the hue changing swiftly from different directions. The moon lake is situated at an altitude of 4,300 meters. As you see the reflection of majestic mountains in the water, you will be bewildered. The locals say the lake is located at a place from where the chariot of Lord Indra picked up Yudhisthira(Eldest of Pandavas brothers).Interesting right?That’s not it, the lake allows you to admire and treasure its beauty as long as you can. Yes! You can camp at the base located 2kms from the lake.Tips-1. The trek to the lake will be open from the month of mid-June to September, so plan accordingly.2. Carry your own tent in case you were unable to book online due to network issues.3. Carry lots and lots of warm clothes.Visit the world’s highest motorable village in Komic, Spiti valley4. Eat at the world’s highest restaurant-Yes, how about lunch with your loved ones at the world’s highest restaurant? Sounds romantic and thrilling at the same time..right?
Rahul Nanda
On day 10 I trek to the famous high-altitude Dhankar Lake. The trek that is over rocky desert terrain gives you some of the most breathtaking views of the valley before you reach the holy lake!
A two-hour hike from Dhankar Monastery will lead you to the beautiful Dhankar lake, which offers breathtaking views of the Dhankar village and monastery. The next time I'm there, I'm not missing it for sure!