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Kunzum Pass

Rosy Paul Chowdhury
Kunzum Pass – Alt. 15059 ft – This is where Lahaul Valley meets Spiti valley. There is a small temple at it’s worth a Selfie at 15K with my brother. Here onward we were accompanied by Spiti river which followed us through the entire valley. Spiti river is an important tributary for Satluj. However, the river basin contributes half of the awe-factor towards this valley's attractions. One needs to experience with their own eyes.
Family On Wheels
As we alighted from the car, my son pointed out that the front passenger wheel seemed to be turned inward at an odd angle. As R and I walked away towards the stupas, Pp came around to have a look and very soon, there was a small crowd around our car.It turned out that in the front passenger side wheel, the nut of one of the pair of nut-bolts (this set of two nut-bolts joins a wheel to the frame of a car, and is therefore indispensable for the balance and movement of a vehicle) had gone missing. As a result, the bolt was halfway out as well. One set was still intact and was what now stood between us and either a rolled-off-into-a-gorge front wheel, if we were fortunate, or rolled-off-into-a-gorge front wheel plus three other wheels plus three passengers, if we were not so fortunate.
Niyaj Kureshi
I get up early to catch the bus. I was excited to travel back to manali. The bus passes through Kunzum La pass which remains open only for 4 months. The view from the bus was incredible. The road was bumpy and dangerous, but bearable as the view was amazing.
Sharayu Bafna
Dear Taruni and Darshi,When I listen travel stories, solo trips or Spiti my mind goes through a reel of memories. It seems like yesterday that we crossed Rivers and bridges, danced on mountain tops, got approached by aunties with rishtas, witnessed our first snowfall together, decided on living in Langza and increase the population which then was 146 people, rolled out chapatis for more than 8 people, stood in front of the bare, humongous mountains and could not help but thank our stars.I experienced my many firsts with you guys and I don't know if something this magical can happen again and perhaps that makes it even more special.P.S I miss Spiti more than my childhood. Let's take a Walk at Chandrataal again and introduce Darshi to every possible guy out there!Snow,Sharayu.
Soham Gangopadhyay
You make such unusual friendships, and passing connections. Connections which are so deep. But so transient because you are moving along different ways. She was beautiful. She who looked straight into my eyes. No pretense. If I hadn't had an insistent honking from my own vehicle, I'd have stayed back there. Now I wish I had. But that's just my over-emotional childish thought. On a journey, you never get held back. Never get attached. Never stay back. That's for a different kind of living. I will just cherish the memory, and live on. We're probably, most probably, never going to see each other ever again. Ever. We don't know names, we're just two people who bonded for a half hour on a 14 hour journey. This is life on the road. Inshallah, we'll meet again.