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We spent some time there and headed for Dharamshala tea gardens.Around 7pm we reached the tea gardens of Dharamshala. The roads were smooth and the sun had set in. Acres of tea gardens surrounded us. The driver stopped the car at a point and we walked in the bushes. Our tiredness overpowered the zeal to explore any further. We stay put where we were and observed a fun Punjabi gang dance on the road in sync.Our bus was arriving at Kangra point at 9:00pm. We left Dharamshala as it, is in the hope to explore it sometime later.We waited for the bus and refreshed ourselves in some restaurant's washroom. Soon the bus arrived and we loaded our luggage.The bus ride was super boring for me. I was still up for a little action, but I guess my thoughts did not match with my friends (I guess it was time for closure, everyone else had accepted it). Naysayer got really sick and had fever. We made him pop some pills. Superwoman and Mysterio were engrossed in conversations and I had solitude for myself.One stop later morning happened.