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Bhagsu Nag

We woke up and plan is to move to our next destination which is Dharmsala and MacLeod Ganj. But as expected no body is willing to move on from the hotel, seems like guilt pleasure for busy life now has been found and no way to leave. But yeah we moved on expecting something better on offer. 60+ miles and 6 hours to acquire. Though the journey seems to be long but the view and curves in the roads will not let you feel the same. Once you reach Dharmsala the day can be planned by visiting different Monasteries as this place will offer you plenty. Also the cricket stadium is something to visit as it holds name for one of the highest altitude grounds in the world.  Night stay for us tonight is near Bhagsu. The place now has a lot of option for hotels and hostels.  A lot has changed from my last visited in 2013. Its kinda mixed feelings when you see lot of luxury at the cost of nature. Too tired for another plan so all decided to get some rest and ready for next day.
Priyapreet Kaur
Coming from a 9 to 5 corporate world, making travel plans can be a little more than difficult. Not only you have to get your leaves approved, you also have to make the travel plans and convince your friends to accompany you. So my leaves (took just one - phew) was sorted, travel plans were done right and what was left was convincing friends. The task that is next to impossible. So after days of nagging, I decided to go solo. Psst. something I was willing since the beginning. Haha.On thurday evening, after office, I started from Delhi ISBT at 20:05 HRTC bus to the city also called, the little Lhasa, Mcleodganj. The bus journey was pretty comfortable (since my co passenger seat was empty 😜). I reached the city at around 7ish the next morning i.e. friday.I had prebooked my dorm bed in a hostel. Checked into my dorm, dropped by stuff, and Zzz...Zzz...Zzz...
There are lot of tourists visiting bhagsunag, but I didn't find another soul (except for few goats) on the trek route. Also, the trek route takes you a little ahead of the main, rather crowded waterfall.
Shalini Garnaik
Our first stop was The Bhagsu nag, a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Near to it is the Bhagsu waterfall.
Ginny Bansal