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Bhagsu Nag

Albana Nadeem
Bhagsu Temple has a very cute flea market full of Tibetan stuff, I brought the Tibetan prayer flags known as "Dhaaje" in the local language.
At Bhagsunag, there is a wonderful waterfall and to reach its nearby, one requires to undertake a minor trekking of nearly a KM but surely a must visit place. We had some sort of brunch from a Vaishno Dhaba, outside the temple area as by the time of our departure meal was not ready at our hotel.Then we headed to St. John in the Wilderness. A very amazing Church with a stunning Victorian like structure and it seems to have been built by some dark blackish brick like elements. The location of this church in the midst of thick silver and pine trees, a large bell and a cemetery at the backyard altogether bear a striking resemblance with one of those cathedrals which can often be spotted in Hollywood movies.
Manmeet x Sandeep
Just ten minutes ahead of McLeodganj lies Bhagsu Nag with better parking options and hotel availability mostly. The place has a similar but smaller market as compared to Mcleodganj but has adequate cafes to cater to your needs. The entire town of Mcleodganj can be strolled much easily as driving here is not recommended in the streets jostling with tourists. So after checking in at a hotel and shaking off some travel weariness I went out and ate at a vegetarian street cafe (a lot of cafes serve vegetarian food only). The food here is tasty but does not quench your taste buds if spicy is your thing. From then on I had to mention extra spicy with every order at every place!
Akul Bajaj
From here on, we were hiking directly up the hill without any trail and just going wherever there was a path. After climbing for a good half hour we met a dog on the way. This pupper was our guide for the rest of the hike. After another half hour of hike in the jungle, we thought we were lost for good and should head back. The time was 11 AM. After that we decided to put a hard stop to this adventure at 12 PM and head back the direction we came from. Luckily in the next half hour a faint trail started showing up which we continued to follow. This trail eventually joined the main Triund hike trail which gave us a sigh of relief.
And then it started drizzling, weather was already cold. I didn't mind walking again and next destination was Bhagsu Nag temple and waterfall, 2KM walk from McLeod main square.The story of this temple is very interesting. Bhagsu was king of Rajasthan. There was once a severe drought in his kingdom. People started leaving his kingdom and the King promised everyone that he will himself search and get water for them. After 3-4 days of searching King Bhagsu reached Nag (Snake) Lake at the 18000 ft in Dhauladhar range of hills. Lake was big, King Bhagsu used trickery and filled the water of lake in to a small vessel (Kamandal in HIndi). By the time it was getting dark and King Bhagsu decided to rest nearby.When Nag (The Lord of Snake) came to know that their lake is empty, followed the foot marks of King Bhagsu, reached where he was resting. They both had fight and in between the vessel with sacred water fell on the ground, started flowing down. Nag defeated King Bhagsu, badly injured King told Nag that he did this because of drought in his kingdom. Before dying King prayed, requested Nag to do something for their people. Nag accepted King's request and then there was continues rain in his kingdom and provided many water sources. Nag also granted him a boon that this place will be known as BhagsuNag.After many years one of the local king Dharamchand dreamt that lord Shiva asked him to build a temple in this place. Today it is about more than 5100 years since this temple was built.