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Bhagsu Nag

Albana Nadeem
Bhagsu Temple has a very cute flea market full of Tibetan stuff, I brought the Tibetan prayer flags known as "Dhaaje" in the local language.
At Bhagsunag, there is a wonderful waterfall and to reach its nearby, one requires to undertake a minor trekking of nearly a KM but surely a must visit place. We had some sort of brunch from a Vaishno Dhaba, outside the temple area as by the time of our departure meal was not ready at our hotel.Then we headed to St. John in the Wilderness. A very amazing Church with a stunning Victorian like structure and it seems to have been built by some dark blackish brick like elements. The location of this church in the midst of thick silver and pine trees, a large bell and a cemetery at the backyard altogether bear a striking resemblance with one of those cathedrals which can often be spotted in Hollywood movies.
Manmeet x Sandeep
Just ten minutes ahead of McLeodganj lies Bhagsu Nag with better parking options and hotel availability mostly. The place has a similar but smaller market as compared to Mcleodganj but has adequate cafes to cater to your needs. The entire town of Mcleodganj can be strolled much easily as driving here is not recommended in the streets jostling with tourists. So after checking in at a hotel and shaking off some travel weariness I went out and ate at a vegetarian street cafe (a lot of cafes serve vegetarian food only). The food here is tasty but does not quench your taste buds if spicy is your thing. From then on I had to mention extra spicy with every order at every place!
Akul Bajaj
From here on, we were hiking directly up the hill without any trail and just going wherever there was a path. After climbing for a good half hour we met a dog on the way. This pupper was our guide for the rest of the hike. After another half hour of hike in the jungle, we thought we were lost for good and should head back. The time was 11 AM. After that we decided to put a hard stop to this adventure at 12 PM and head back the direction we came from. Luckily in the next half hour a faint trail started showing up which we continued to follow. This trail eventually joined the main Triund hike trail which gave us a sigh of relief.
And then it started drizzling, weather was already cold. I didn't mind walking again and next destination was Bhagsu Nag temple and waterfall, 2KM walk from McLeod main square.The story of this temple is very interesting. Bhagsu was king of Rajasthan. There was once a severe drought in his kingdom. People started leaving his kingdom and the King promised everyone that he will himself search and get water for them. After 3-4 days of searching King Bhagsu reached Nag (Snake) Lake at the 18000 ft in Dhauladhar range of hills. Lake was big, King Bhagsu used trickery and filled the water of lake in to a small vessel (Kamandal in HIndi). By the time it was getting dark and King Bhagsu decided to rest nearby.When Nag (The Lord of Snake) came to know that their lake is empty, followed the foot marks of King Bhagsu, reached where he was resting. They both had fight and in between the vessel with sacred water fell on the ground, started flowing down. Nag defeated King Bhagsu, badly injured King told Nag that he did this because of drought in his kingdom. Before dying King prayed, requested Nag to do something for their people. Nag accepted King's request and then there was continues rain in his kingdom and provided many water sources. Nag also granted him a boon that this place will be known as BhagsuNag.After many years one of the local king Dharamchand dreamt that lord Shiva asked him to build a temple in this place. Today it is about more than 5100 years since this temple was built.
Shashank Sinha
Although we dipped ourselves in the spine chilling water of the waterfall, the chaos of so many people kinda ruined the feeling. I will not be sharing my semi nude picture here of course :DWe decided to climb a bit further up following the stream and chilled in solace. The calmness soothed the soul.
This Himalayan retreat offers utmost tranquility and diverse options for sightseeing. Bhagsu Falls is the most popular attraction in this North Indian hill retreat. This was our first destination in the trip itinerary. We trekked till the waterfall and captured few group photographs over there. Set amidst the lush green and pristine atmosphere, Bhagsu Falls is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature's charisma. On the way to this waterfall you will find Bhagsu Nag Temple, a holy shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Nearby, there is a lovely pool and numerous small eateries & huts. Few of us even tried out a different kulfi near the Bhagsu Nag Temple.
Priya Parashar
We had hired a 2-wheeler (Rs.1800 for 2 Days-Enfield) to see the place. You can easily find lot of shops for the same. The rent charge is dependent of the kind of bike you choose. The owner will ask you for a deposit and a xerox of your driving license.We started with Bhagsunath Temple which was surrounded by a pond and lush greenery. There is a small alley adjacent to the temple which has rock steps. This way leads to Bhagsu Falls. The place is spread over a vast expanse of land, waterfall is mid-sized and it was enjoyable.
While roaming and exploring in the market we had enjoyed thoroughly but in the evening we felt tired were thinking to to our hotel to take rest, but while in the market we saw number of Tibetan massage signboards , then we inquired one of them and they were charging Rs.1200 for full body massage .We bargained there and for four persons they were ready to do in Rs.900 each. After full one hour massage we really felt very much relaxed and all tiredness gone . Then we again enjoyed the evening in the market and went to hotel and decided to have our dinner there.Next day i.e 20.03.17 was the departure day for us, We had our train from pathankot in night , so we decided to go to Bhagsu waterfall first then leave for Pathankot via chamunda devi and Jwala Devi temple. So after our Breakfast of Sumptuous Aloo and Paneer Parantha we left for Bhagsu nag temple and waterfall journey . By our vehicle we reached to Bhagsu parking. There is a small market at Bhagsu-nag temple, shops are selling various souvenirs and tit bits which you can carry and gift it to your love ones. Bargaining is there but not much. First we went to temple , which is small and old but with strong belief and there is small Pond in front of temple where you can have a dip. The way to waterfall is ahead of temple around 1.5 km from there. There is climb up to water fall and the path is not well maintained but you can walk easily and stream of waterfall is small but water was cold and you can not remain in water for a long time. We stayed there for half an hour, it was crowded there.
Aakanksha Magan
Another great place at a short distance from Château Garli is Bhagsu Nag waterfalls. The scenic 20m waterfalls are located at a trek of about a kilometre from Bhagsu Nag temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva). The trek is lined with street cafes where you can munch on delicious local food and evergreen maggi. Also, now, i.e. the monsoons, are the best time to visit this place!
Devraj Jee
Heading to the same place as the night before for dinner, we were in for a stroke of luck. We found ourselves in the midst of a classical music session. While the style was Indian, the instruments and the musicians were from different nationalities which compounded the charm and beauty of the music. It was the perfect end to the short relaxing trip. We took a bus early next morning and were back in Delhi by late evening.
Devraj Jee
We pulled in just as the town was waking up and there were travelers of all hues emerging with yoga mats, chillams and musical instruments. We had a heavy breakfast and after checking in into our room, started walking towards the one place we knew we wanted to see - Illiterati. Special mention for the walk from Bhagsunag to McLeodganj, through winding roads with a full view of the Bhagsu waterfalls and Triund valley. The major downer was how crowded the whole place was, with traffic backed up the entire way and blaring horns. It was then that we realized how lucky we were to be staying where we were. Upper Bhagsu was literally the only quiet corner in the whole bustling hill town. Tucked away at the extreme upper corner of the town, one could wake up to the sound of classical music and bird sounds. But as soon as one emerges into the main Bhagsunag, it was just a cacaphony of car horns and yelling kids all the way to and through McLeod. The next peaceful part is when one leaves McLeod and starts walking the roads leading to Illiterati. Of course, as luck would have it the place was closed for the day, and starving and thirsty, we walked back to McLeod and found a place for lunch. As that place also filled up fast with families with their kids, we rushed out and ran back to our place in Upper Bhagsu. The rest of the evening was spent confined to that lane as we browsed a few shops and found a beautiful outdoor valley-overlooking restaurant for dinner. Post-dinner we sat in our balcony drinking wine through the night.
Kaveri Harit
You will be hiking to Bhagsu Nag waterfall. It is 2 kilometers away from the main market area. People take cars, or autos to reach the Shiva Temple after which the only option one has to get to the falls is to walk. But you wouldn't want to be stuck in the traffic. So, ditch the car and take a walk, all the way up to the falls, from your hotel. A word of caution - the waterfall can get really crowded, so get out of your comfort zone and try looking for spots that aren't hounded by people. You will have to hike a little for that.Take a walk to the market in the evening. Combine this with a visit to the Dalai Lama Temple, which is within walking distance from the main market.
Aarush Tandon
9:30 was the time when we started the trek."I am tired can't climb anymore" said the 90kg bulky Apoorv. "We are just 10 mins in and only climbing a slope, I told you it is going to be hard for you"said Abhay. We became unsure whether he would be able to complete the trek or not. We still moved on keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that we will reach the top.
Vibha Singh
Bhagsunath Temple: This temple is located at distance of 3 Km from the city center. The temple has a background from the Hindu mythology and people come here to worship the Lord Shiva, there is a stream of water flowing inside the temple,it is a believe that no one knows where the water in the stream comes from. There also a very popular Bhagsunath Waterfall behind the temple, one can visit if they wish too. We were short of time so we skipped the place.
Bhagsunag TempleSurrounded by beautiful pools and lush greenery, this temple is located at a height of 1770m above sea level. The temple was built by King Bhagsu and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It tends to be a significant place of worship and spirituality and at the same time, one of the most popular and visited spots in the area. The pools around this temple are believed to be sacred and contain miraculous powers of healing
Preeti Singh
Our first spot was Bhagsu-Nag temple. He dropped us near the taxi stand and gave us directions to reach the temple and waterfall near it. We had some breakfast and headed for the temple. It is preceded by a small lane of shops where local items are sold. The Bhagsu-Nag temple is famous after a King named Bhagsu who wanted to take the lake near the place to Rajasthan for his people. When the Nag came to know about this he came and a fight started at the end of which King Bhagsu realized that the Nag is none other than Lord Shiva and so, defeated he went back to his place. There is a small swimming pool near the temple which was filled with tourists. Cutting from the temple is a small lane which makes way for a trail towards the Bhagsu falls. The trail is just like the one we find in Vaishno Devi. The upwards walk takes almost 30 to 40 mins. The view is beautiful. It was sunny and a bit hot during the day which made us tired quickly. When we reached the falls, we found a thin flow of water to a shallow poll where only our legs till the knee could dip but was chilly. We took off our shoes and dipped our feet in the water and were shocked by the chilly effect. It was so cold. I couldn't stay in there long. It was numbing my feet.After a few clicks and fun, we headed towards Shiva's Café which I had read so much about on the internet. It is 10 mins walk upwards the fall. The place has an artistic look with pics of Hindu Gods and small quotes like 'You will not find internet here, but u will find better connection'. There were a no. of seating arrangements with chairs and tables, mats and lower tables, inside and outside. The place was so calm and peaceful. We had already spent 1 hour to reach the falls and then reach the café. We had only 2.5 hours to explore the other places but we refused to budge from there. We had tea, coffee and sandwiches at the café and got busy clicking pictures. It was almost 10.30 when we thought of heading back. By the time we went back, the taxi-driver had got worried that something had happened to us. He had presumed we would come back in 45 mins. Ha!!Well, after that we kept in our mind to call the driver if we want to take more time. After that he took us to spot not worth anything. I do not know what it was. Some place just to see the mountains but that could be seen from anywhere. I told the driver to take us to better places after that. He took us to a beautiful church after that. In the midst of tall deodar trees and slope of the mountain, it looked old and beautiful. The place was very quiet and people were visiting peacefully. It is wonderful how every holy place brings calm inside you and soothes every thought.
Pankhuri Agarwal
I am no "Oh! wow, water!" kind of person but waterfalls ? Ahan. You got that right. Bhagsunag temple and Bhagsunag Falls are not something you would like to miss. Also, I will suggest you to read a little about the history of this place before, to live the story as you go exploring. A short trek to Shiva Cafe from Bhagsunag to taste the Tibetan cuisine is like drinking chilled water in scotching heat.
This enchanting waterfall is located about 11 kms from Dharamshala and is easily approachable by road. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Dharamshala and is known for its old temple, a fresh water spring, and slate quarry a waterfall surrounded by stunning cliffs and trees.
Karam Dhawan
Our day five started with mcleodganj water fall"bhagsu waterfall". After that we visited local Tibetan market. Dalai lana temple and booked our return Volvo bus to delhi departures at 7:30 pm.
Chetna Patil
Late evening I went to Bhagsunag Temple. You’ll notice ancient Shiva and Nag devtas sculptures and moortis worshipped by both Hindus and Gorkhas. Temple is typical build as Himachali rocky houses. Peaceful shrine also loaded foreigners and hippies too. Ended my day chilling at a small café called German Bakery which is situated half a kilometre from Bhagsu Temple. They serve delicious bakery items and variety of teas and also pancakes. Wrapped up early today as I had to leave for Amritsar the next morning.
Sunny Kumar
The Bhagsu , Mcleodganj is named after the famous temple of Bhagsunath
Matrika Prasad
Bhagsu Nag waterfall is a small water fall on the outskirt of Dharamshala. It is around 3 Km from Mcleodganj. It takes around half an hour hike from Mcleodganj bus stand to reach Bhagsu. Although the water fall is small but one can just sit back and enjoy the exquisite beauty of Dhauladhar range. This place must be in the wish list for a bag packer it he is travelling to Dharamshala.
Divyam Gupta
Bhagsu Nag Waterfall and roaming around in the jungle
Jyotirmoy Gupta
Beautiful waterfall, a must visit on your trip to McloedGanj