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McLeod Ganj

Kashish Lamba
Next day, on 23rd June, we checked out of the stay, and made it to the bucket locations of McLeod Ganj like Dal Lake, Naddi View Point, Tibetan Museum, etc.
Kashish Lamba
After reaching McLeod Ganj, we felt that we were there at the wrong time because it was very much crowded, and we were stuck in traffic jam for an hour before reaching there. If you are interactive, you can make friends. We met a boy from Germany and a girl from Spain, and after a short conversation we all settled in the same homestay. Mr. Siladitya is the host of Anandam Homestay in McLeod Ganj. This place is a little far from the hustle of the main market and this was the best thing about it. You can book this homestay on Airbnb app and website.
With Delhi scorching at 46 degrees, it was time to ditch the bike. I convinced a friend to tag along on this trip. He's off the grid BTW for some reasons, so you may not see his physical appearance in the blog. Let's call him PK for reference purposes.With my 15 year old vintage, clocking over 1 lac kms, I didn't want to take risk. It's a sort of car for which we used to say "horn ke alava sab bajta hai". We decided to take PK's car, which by the way needed some tuning. So basically it needed service, new tires, clutch cylinder, etc etc. All said and done, we were finally ready. Initial drill was same, leave work at wee hours to ditch city traffic. We set off at 1 AM.
Aritra Sen
Day 2: 7.30 amI initially thought that I would directly go to the trek but I wasn't feeling well as I didn't sleep in the bus as the sharp turns throughout the route made me uneasy. I booked a hostel bed at ₹350. I slept through the morning and walked around the streets of Mcleodganj throughout the afternoon and evening. I must say, Ganj is beautiful. Even though its touristy, the place is live with never a dull moment. Beautiful shops on the street and small monasteries were a view to see. I also had time to go to St. John's church in wilderness and Naddi View point. The view of snowclad Himalayas is what Mcleodganj offers to every person visiting the place. Trust me when I say this: Its Paisa Vasool moment.
Day 1- We all were feeling tired because of journey but no one was ready to sleep. We took a room and fitted ourselves in only one room which cost us Rs2500 per day for all (we were 5). Though the room was not up to our expectation but we manage as we thought who have the time to sit inside. We took baths and dressed ourselves and left the room within 2 hour.