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Shiva Cafe

Well, this is the last part of this blog but it might be the most interesting for the adventure lovers. The location of this cafe makes the waterfall unique among all others in the country. This cafe is located on the top of this waterfall which has a statue of Lord Shiva. The waterfall is said to start from the head of this statue, hence, giving the name to the cafe as "Shiva Cafe". The trek up to there is pretty long with some difficulties as it gets rockier and rockier as you climb up. Once you reach there, the feeling is amazing. The environment is relaxing and the cafe serves really delicious food whether it is maggi, momos, pancakes, Shakshuka, pizzas and many others. You can also play chess, have chilled beer and listen the constant sound of the waterfall which will soothe your ears. You will forget all your tiredness and the difficult path which you took to reach here. It is really a worthy place for all the hard work .
Aditya Narayan
After all this, we decided to go up to the Famous "Shiva Café". It's even above that point. But everyone was too tried. But how can we miss it. So we decided to gather the strength and move. After reaching there at nearly sunset, the scenery was extraordinary. We went inside the Café. There's arrangement of mattresses and small tables to sit relaxed. They served food such as maggi, pizzas and more. We went for maggi and tea. They also serve flavoured Hookah. After relaxing there for an hour, we decided to go back before it got dark. We went back had dinner, celebrated our friend's Birthday and went back to the hotel.
Shiva as the name implies is dedicated to lord shiva, toh yahaan tak pahuchna asaan toh nhi hoga, so we need to trek to reach this cafe. It is almost 100 m height from Bhagsu nag waterfall, famous tourist destination. People chill out here and discuss their journeys. I with my friend visited over there, we thought ki kya hoga itna upar chalo maggi toh kha hi lenge. But they have managed to bring you the best with cool sitting altogether. They have a swimming pool too. It's like a picnic spot to trekkers and other tourists. These people are a huge fan of Bob Marley. So you will find his posters everywhere in the cafe.
The Wolf Girl
We decided to strike off an item from my 'Bucket list of Cafe' list. So we headed towards Shiva Cafe. It's a few staircases and won't take much time for you to reach there. Lord Shiva - a bad ass human turned divine by his people who believed in peace more than anyone else. He did not vouch for world peace or peace in your community. But, he preached to have peace in your mind and soul. Peace for yourself means peace for everyone. Shiva Cafe made me crave for a J. Mysterio, Naysayer and Superwoman do not smoke up. I had already decided I wouldn't make them uncomfortable at any point of time because of my smoking habits (at least I always tried to). Thus I took their permission instead and rolled one up. Superwoman was introduced to Green World jargon. I smoked up in peace.We ordered mouthwatering pizza, cheese and tomato sandwiches, masala chai, hot chocolate and ginger lemon honey tea. Orders took a lot of time to come up (since it was crowded). We spent some time there and relaxed. Mysterio was in his thoughts. Naysayer was shivering and being stubborn about wearing a jacket. Superwoman was enjoying her masala tea.I'm really not the person who gets affected by people's stare. In fact I feel that if I am giving them a show, I better do it nicely. A man (in his 30's or 40's) was observing me smoke up. He wanted some hash too. He asked me to sell him some, but I refused. However, seeing his craving for a good session of a J I gave him some hash anyway. He had a smile on his face. It felt good. He wanted to pay for that as well, but being a stoner you do have some responsibilities. I hope he had a great session.
Travel Jogan
Enjoy a sheesha in mountains! This place has it all - mountains, music, sheesha !!