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Triund Trek Trail

Finally, it was time to keep calm, and climb. Period.
Triund is the jewel of the Dhauladhar region nestled in the foothills of the Lower Himalayas. A trekker’s paradise. Dhauladhar means a ridge covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. But in recent times due to aggressive tourism and unethical practices such a beautiful land is at peril. But this is not just about Triund, it is about conserving nature, retaining the splendor of the true spirit of adventure and mountaineering in the Dhauladhar range.Here are a few things a mango man (aam aadmi) like me can request of you (and justify why) to save Triund.1. Don’t go trekking without a registered and certified GuideThis might look like a lame fabricated advice so that travel agencies will make money on a lovely location that is supposed to be free for everyone to explore.Okay let’s chill! First off, Triund is an ancient grazing land and route used by the Gaddi shepherds to herd their flocks and travel towards Chamba. It’s name comes from it being a T-junction where three routes from Indrunag, Gallu Devi and Chamba over the Indrahar Pass meet. Local shepherds from all three directions used to congregate with their flock here and have tea, many years ago.This was all before the camping phenomenon started and the green pastures disappeared. Triund arguably belongs to no one but if anybody has an inkling of a right over it, it is the Gaddis.But getting back to why you need a certified and registered guide? Trekking at even the Himalayan foothills, the Dhauladhars is a risky business because ‘how easy?’ and ‘how hard?’ are really perspectives while ‘anything can happen in the mountains’ is a fact. Only a seasoned, trained and knowledgeable guide can perform quick and precise disaster management. The terrain is extremely wet, is a mix of alpine and rocky terrain.
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Triund is a beautiful trek which is about 9km away from McLeodGanj. You can take a taxi till Galu Devi Temple for approx 400 Rs. And after this point, the trail begins... There are few Maggie points throughout the trek. Accommodation is available here on first come first serve basis. This trek will rejuvenate your senses. Avoid booking any guide for you if you are physically fit because it's very easy trek and you will have enough people around to ask directions..
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Start your descend early in the morning and you can reach the base camp within 2-4 hours. Once you have successfully completed your trek, you can again explore the town a little on your own or leave for Bir Billing the same day which is only 3-4 hours away.Once you reach Bir, you can check into swiss camps for the night and enjoy a private bonfire of your own amongst the mountains.
swati bansode
This is where your adventure begins. A guided trek at Triund starts early in the morning and can be easily completed within 5-6 hours. Don’t worry, the difficulty level is quite easy and you’ve got those pretty sceneries to accompany you for all time. Also, you’ve got plenty of stalls that can serve you exactly what you need during the climb; Maggie and Chai, people!