Buskett Gardens 1/undefined by Tripoto

Buskett Gardens

The next “big thing” we wanted to see on Malta was the mysterious cart ruts. And the area with the most impressive and complex network of tracks gouged in the rock can be found south of Buskett Gardens, an area known as Clapham Junction (they can also be found in a number of sites on Malta and on Gozo). It’s no sign that tell you where exactly they can be found, but you’ll see a stone wall with a gate. We found that gate and parked right outside and start to walk with our eyes open for tracks, and suddenly we got glimpses of them. No one knows why they were made and how, and it has been assumed that these tracks were developed around 2000 BC, but now Maltese researchers have more recently dated their “roads” to approximately 4,000 – 5,000 BC. And that’s before the wheel were invented! So why did they make it? How did they do it? Oh, all these mysteries!