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SMVDU Sports Ground

Dishant Bhatia
“The only thing more impossible than staying… Was leaving! I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I wanted to slip quietly out the back door and not stop running until I reached Greenland. Instead I made a decision. To pray.” ~ Eat Pray LoveThe feel of getting ‘in - solitude’ groped me in, again. It was nurtured by the thoughts of reaching a place which in itself is a ‘kingdom of solitude’, my college campus. The only support that I could think of was the ‘nature’ or to match with the movie plot, the ‘God’. One can witness the best monsoon in my college campus, I have done it before and I was banking on it as my last resort. And I was NOT turned down. Welcomed by heavy rain, city roads draining out continuous streams of water, flooded tributaries that come in way from Jammu to Katra, and thunders, I knew I had it!