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Edinburgh Castle

Priya Saxena
One of the must-sees in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle, from where one gets to see a bird-eye view of the city. The Castle is huge, would take roughly an hour and a half if you’re traveling solo and closes by 5:30 PM, so time your visit accordingly.
Bharath Vardhana
Next visit was to Edinburgh City which took me through the M8 which weaves thro fabulous countryside. The Edinburgh Castle was the best place to visit there.
haarika kanuparthy
Visit during Festival Season (August-September), the prices are on the higher end but it is so totally worth it. Catch some shows in the Fringe where the whole town turns in to a live auditorium. Great Food, do not miss Haggis. Pubs in the Old Town are great. Go to the Free Walking Tour, my Guide was fab, we bonded over Harry Potter and he is one entertaining Scot.
Pallavi Pasricha
Don’t miss: The Edinburgh Castle followed by a walk on the Royal Mile. Overlooking the city centre, the castle perched on a cliff is a Scottish highlight. Keep at least two hours in hand to explore it properly and don’t skip the 1 o’clock gun when a shot is fired from an old cannon. The historic Royal Mile – between the castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse – is the heart of the Old Town, lined with charming pubs, restaurants and shops.Eat: Scottish cuisine can spoil you for choice but be a bit overwhelming as well. If you can’t stomach the haggis - Scotland’s national dish made of sheep's liver, heart and lungs, or their other traditional dish, black pudding, then try the other speciality here, deep fried Mars Bars. It’s really really sweet, but also irresistible. Needless to say, it would be a sin to leave Scotland without trying Scotch, so do for whisky tasting at The Scotch Whisky Experience.Day 3 & 4: Inverness & Isle of SkyeDistance from Edinburgh: 250km
Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
Edinburgh castle Camera ObscuraHollyrood Palace and Hollyrood parkScott MonumentArthur’s seat