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Edinburgh Castle

Rapti B
Do you remember where we left off in the last post? That bit about me having a near meltdown in the gift store of the Edinburgh Castle? (Crushing on Edinburgh Chapter 1)Well, while I do remember that nerve wrecking anxiety, I also have a clear memory of a gentleman walking up to me. It seems he saw the visibly distressed me and want to know if he and the 'missus could help'. Don't ask me why, but I ended up sharing my concern with him.With a gentle smile and a hug (from the Mrs Clause lookalike missus), the couple suggested I hop on to one of the tour buses - there are three Edinburgh Tour, Majestic Tour, City Sightseeing - the next day. And perhaps a shot of whisky or considering the hour, some Irn Bru, before I move on to my next stop. Having pacified me, the couple went their way, but only after the gentleman reminded me, "Little girl, you will never ever be able to see a place in its entirety. Can you say you know every inch of the city you live in? That is the beauty of travelling, and that too alone. You set your pace, choose the places you want to visit, what you want to eat, and leave the rest for your next trip. Edinburgh, after all, is a city that will draw you back." #wisewords #wordsofwisdom #wordstorememberNote: The three bus tours follow three different tours but they tend to overlap at some points. You can shell out money for specific buses or you can buy a ticket that allows you to board all the three buses. Do check for schemes and validity of the tickets before you buy them.
Rapti B
Tourists and locals alike insist that a trip to this city is incomplete sans the mandatory visit to Edinburgh Castle. Easily one of the most recognisable monuments in the world, it was a place my father insisted I visit. After all, a place that as per researchers is among one of the most attacked forts in the world would be worth a visit, right? I guess that was exactly what half the world's population was thinking when they stepped into the castle grounds. It definitely felt like half the world considering the massive crowd!Cribbing apart, you just cannot miss out on the impressive structure that continues to stand over the city like a seasoned guard. Tune out the crowd and you can actually feel the rocks throb with the history that it has witnessed and continues to witness. The birthplace of monarchy and overseer of the city that has burgeoned from wilderness into the landscape that it is today, the Edinburgh Castle is akin to a live persona.Personal experience insists that I urge you book tickets online to avoid the long queue at the ticket windows. Do reach early morning. I sincerely hope that is the time of the day when the place is not teeming with people. You might want to try one of the free guided tours for information and perspective. And if shiny rocks are your thing, do see the Scottish Crown Jewels which date back to around 1540 and are likely the oldest set of crown jewels in Great Britain. The castle tour could easily use up 3-4 hours so do plan the day accordingly.It was only when I walked out of the castle that I realised the amount of time it had taken up. With my evening booked for a food tour, I had only one more day left to see the rest of the city. The thought of being unable to cover more of the city in just one more day, after investing so much time and money in the trip, pushed me into panic mode. Battling the wave of anxiety, I came to a standstill in the corner of the gift shop, unsure of my next move.How I managed to overcome my panic and move on to explore the rest of Dùn Èideann is a tale for next time...read more on 'From The Corner Table'
Rapti B
My favourite part was the - the heart of the city. With the Edinburgh Castle at one end and the Palace of Holyroodhouse at the other, the stretch of streets has some of the most striking buildings.
Priya Saxena
One of the must-sees in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle, from where one gets to see a bird-eye view of the city. The Castle is huge, would take roughly an hour and a half if you’re traveling solo and closes by 5:30 PM, so time your visit accordingly.
Bharath Vardhana
Next visit was to Edinburgh City which took me through the M8 which weaves thro fabulous countryside. The Edinburgh Castle was the best place to visit there.