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11 Reasons to Visit Sottish Capital Edinburgh

An iconic castle, rich literary heritage, residence to monarchs, lush green surroundings, spooky ...

Mast Musaphir
4 Days
72 Hours In Edinburgh

Edinburgh was a city of dreams and warmth.. During  the cold winters in December , we e...

Shruti Sidhan
Glasgow & Edinburgh(Part 2)

This was my First time to Glasgow.The city is very pretty with some great old town architecture. ...

Shruti Sidhan
6 Days
Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Calling All Fanatics

Europe was a far-fetched dream. Getting to visit one of the greenest and most pleasant countries,...

Arushi Dutt
2 Days
24 hours in Edinburgh

I have a lot of precious memories from my time spent in Edinburgh, it’s still one of m...

Veronica May
1 Day
A Daytrip in Edinburgh

With just a few months left in United Kingdom as a student, I decided to take a day trip to Edinb...

Nandini Mittal

We took an hour break and spent some time on the city map to locate the main areas of interest in the City and by 4 PM, ...
Then one cold winter evening, I stopped to watch an 80-year-old man, about 5ft in height and with a wiry frame, as he st...
For all lucky Harry Potter fans, you may have heard of Warner Brother Studios which has most of the Harry Potter sets an...
A sparkling composition in granite. This port-city stands proudly, looking out across the North Sea....

About Edinburgh

We reached Edinburgh by 1 PM and checked in to Leonardo Royal Hotel. After lunch, we decided to visit Edinburgh Castle. The Castle is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, from its position on the Castle Rock. Its importance as a part of Scotland's national heritage was recognized increasingly from the early 19th century onwards, and various restoration programs have been carried out over the past century and a half. As one of the most important strongholds in the Kingdom of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle was involved in many historical conflicts from the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century to the Jacobite rising of 1745. Research undertaken in 2014 identified 26 sieges in its 1100-year-old history, giving it a claim to having been "the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world".

Best Time To Visit Edinburgh

Best time to visit Edinburgh is from May to July

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