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Aditi Shukla
6. Diving into history: a number of historical landmarks are found in the beautiful city of Kota Kinabalu. The Atkinson Clock Tower near Bandaran Berjaya is believed to have been built in 1905. It is a pre-World War II building and was used earlier as a navigation aid to ships. Interested in spending a few hours at a war museum? There is the Petagas War memorial located near KKIA for that, as a reminder to the people who went against the Japanese in World War II. Another important site is the Town field or the Padang Merdeka, wherein landmark events like Sabah’s declaration of independence and formation of Malaysia took place. At Sembulan, you will find the Double Six monument, built as a memorial to remember the first Chief Minister of Sabah and six other ministers who died in a plane crash on 6 June, 1976. Thus, it was called the Double Six Tragedy.